The information contained in this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only. The engine code is located at the top of the engine block, at cylinder #3, just below the spark plug. When motor mounts fail, the engine and transmission will rock causing very noticeable vibrations inside the passenger compartment (especially at idle), shifting issues, exhaust damage, and more.
This can be quite controversial; positive and negative comments are said about all oil types and brands. 1) Contrary to common belief, all oil filters listed above, including Fram, have anti-drainback valves. 2) Fram and Bosch (yes, Bosch) oil filters are not recommended due to their inferior build quality. It's wise to upgrade your 3-piece valve cover gasket to a 1-piece rubber gasket: You will need to install shoulderless studs, but no gasket sealant is required.

If early warning signs are leading you to suspect impending head gasket failure, have a repair shop conduct tests (or do the DIY test below) on the cooling system to verify possible head gasket failure (they'll check, in part, to see if combustion gasses are leaking into the cooling system which cause the system to over-pressurize). DIY test: With the engine cold, attach a latex glove to the coolant expansion tank fill hole (early Cabriolets will use the radiator fill hole).
Only Cabriolets equipped with Digifant I engines have the OBD I diagnostic port and check engine light.
This question is often asked by those who have bought, or are looking to buy, a so-called performance chip.
Speaking of ovens: It's advised by professional detailers to not use oven cleaner to rid the engine of caked-on fluids. Anti-drainback valves are built into the filters to prevent the filters from emptying upon engine shut-off when the filters are installed on engines requiring them to be "upside down". The internal space between the bearings has widen to the point that oil no longer completely fills that space.

CIS engines are fuel injected mechanically and, therefore, do not have the electronic controls that Digifant engines have. The difference between the two: Solid lifter cylinder heads have 5 camshaft bearing caps, the hydro lifter cylinder heads have 4. The valves are being forced to move in the wrong direction at the wrong time, which is damaging the pistons. To reduce the amount of blow-by, clean the valve cover (including the vent screen) and air hoses and install a camshaft cover.

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