Note - 10th Letter of Chassis Number Denotes Year of Manufacturing for below car manufacturers. Here's Picture for Finding Chassis Number for Maruti Suzuki Cars so as to Decode Manufacturing Year.
Also, my dealer says, that they only have 17 digits of the chassis number as of now, so is he lying or he is being true?. As per your suggestion 9th letter is month so if see ' D ' which means April is make month. I am looking to purchase Maruti Celerio of 2015 make car, I'm not able to figure out the manufacturing month & year of a Car. Thanks for this useful, information in the thread, I have purchased Maruti Ertiga on 31st March 2014, After going tru post last two digit in my chassi is MD means Dec 2014 so i was given old car but dealer told its Jan 2014 Car first he lied and i doubt car like Ertiga which was in so much demand how come its 4 month old also i suspect if i received the Fesh CAR, Tody i have launch the complaint with MAruti head office any other option to raise complaint and what process hold i follow now. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Listed below is a detailed buyers guide for the Lotus Elise S2 that should keep your smile pointed in the right direction, after you buy. In this case, you may be right – as long as the reason for salvage is body damage, not chassis or flood issues. The cost of labor to replace Lotus Elise body components is so high that the insurance company often totals the car due to it. Keep in mind, though, that the resale of a salvage car will aways be less than one that has not been totaled.
Have your local Lotus Dealer put the car on a lift and inspect the frame and lower crash structure for damage, attachment and alignment issues.
The clamshell is particularly expensive to replace or repair (I had one replaced myself), so check it for deformation.
The slatted vents on the Elise are fragile, and can be easily damaged if the owner isn’t careful around them. A design flaw in pre-2006 cars magnified the sun’s light, allowing the inside of the headlamp housing to become melted by the sun. A few revs over 8500 shouldn’t be a problem, but 30 minutes of time over that would be a concern. Some owners who track their cars a lot have reported a rear toe-link failure when the car is pushed hard. If you plan to track your car, you will probably want a toe-link upgrade, which costs anywhere from $500-$1000 depending on whether you want to use Lotus parts or aftermarket parts.
To check this, move the steering wheel quickly from side to side with the wheels in the straight ahead position.
The rotors on the Elise have a short life expectancy, so on a high mileage car you are looking at several hundred bucks to replace ’em.

Examine the leading edge seal when going over the car. On early-year models the hood sometimes leaks through the front seals.
Expect the windows to rattle in any Elise. If they do rattle, do NOT close the door with them loose in the pocket – you could wind up shattering the glass!
If you own more than one exotic or own classic cars in addition to an Elise, then call Hagerty.
The Golden Gate Lotus Club put together the following excellent 3-part video series that walks you through the modern Lotus Elise (S2) in about 30 minutes. Listed below are sites that also cover the points above, with a focus on the older S1 models. A more expensive disc may also have better air ventilation which helps the brake cool down more quickly, allowing for longer periods of heavy driving. That said, the decision of whether you should upgrade your brakes boils down to your driving style and whether you race or track the car regularly. Why do rotor prices range from $60 to $300+? First of all, understand that dealers have a financial interest to replace rotors. The thickness of the disc rotor also determines the rotor mass, which determines how much heat can accumulate before failure during braking.
Bottom line, if you don’t see your pads fading during your style of driving, then the discs are heavy enough for your application. It’s not that hard, but you will need to have a safe way of lifting and holding your car.
Here is a great DIY brake maintenance guide for the Lotus Elise (with photos) from the Sands Museum.
Your time is valuable, so we try hard to make sure pricing and availability are up to date. The serial numbers for Ford 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 give a lot of information but are a bit complicated to work out.
The meaning for each letter or number of each line are shown below using the above example (in blue).
Senza di loro la navigazione sul sito porrebbe non funzionare correttamente e molte funzioni potrebbero non essere disponibili. Completed MBA from one among Top 10 Management Institute, he has worked for 8 yrs in Corporate Sector - Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank. But since the vehicle is in transit, hence not able to see the last 2 digit after the special character. One of the most common reasons is if a Paint Code is required in order to purchase a Touch Up Paint Stick.What does the chassis number look like?A Fiat Chassis Number will start with the letters ZFA this is then followed by 14 numbers. This exhaustive list of tips is based on my ownership experience plus many hours of research and discussions with other owners.

If any frame corner is more than 2mm above or below the others, then you may have hugely expensive issues on your hands. If the chassis has been bent or a suspension attachment point ripped, the chassis is considered a total loss and the normal way to repair the car, is to swap the chassis out.
It’s OK if the suspension arms are bent, but the ball joints, track rods, shocks and the anti-roll bar need to be intact. While not an exotic material, fiberglass is labor-intensive to repair and replacement parts are very expensive. If the car is still under warranty, run the ECU dump by your local service department to see if there will be any warranty issues due to the ECI figures. If they weren’t done at a Lotus dealership, make sure the previous owner used fully synthetic 5w40.
Especially check the bushing on the throttle, which has become a point of failure on later-year cars.
This is primarily due to the fact that so few of them were sold in America, which means a replacement parts black market doesn’t really exist in most cities. They are the best in the business and offer surprisingly inexpensive insurance (based on mileage). The car was designed to run on a track with standard components. During street use, it will be difficult to overheat the pads.
If you plan to track the car regularly or race it competitively, then a disc upgrade is recommended. If you use standard pads on the street and don’t run into high temperature issues, then stay with cheaper discs. Ulteriori informazioni su cosa sono i coolie e le tipologie di cookies da noi utilizzati potete trovarle qui. The Chassis Number will be 17 digits long in total.Where do you find your chassis number?Windscreen - The quickest way to find your chassis number is to look on the windscreen underneath where your Tax Disc is displayed. So make sure you test every electrical function thoroughly if you are looking at a flood car.
It shouldn’t be a huge issue, but could potentially cost $100-200 for retapping or bolt replacement.
At MyCarHelpline - you can get in thousands of reviews, latest information updates on Automobiles with Personalised assistance through Forum. I need to know the details and also if there any way to reset the same in RC book if its original Month and year is Jan 2014?!!

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