2)      When you have added the repo mentioned in the first step of our instruction you should choose Spire from the list and click on it in order to open this Cydia source. The build-in digital camera of the new Apple iPhone 3Gs Apple features a resolution of 3.2 megapixels. The whole case is made of plastic in order to protect the iPhone from some bumps and scratches. This assistant was introduced with iPhone 4S release so if you have an earlier model of this Apple handset, you can simply jailbreak it and user our guide to get the program for yourself.
The already compact packaging has now shrunk even further, and a silver-lined S, which stands for speed, has been added to the type name. Furthermore, a picture of the smartphone Apple iPhone 3Gs is displayed on the front, whilst the Apple logo can be found on the side, just like the text displayed in silver. But if you want to make your iPhone stand out in a crowd, the retro boombox pattern on the iPhone case should be very useful. Other than the speed, the digital compass, the higher resolution digital camera and the video function, there are no new additions, and the difference is found only in the actual software.
Opening a sealed packaging is always a good feeling, and as soon as the top cover is removed, the new Apple iPhone 3Gs becomes visible.

The entire screen serves as a viewfinder, with the exception of a small edge where the shutter button is located.
Das iPhone ist weder heruntergefallen, weder lag es in einem luftfeuchten Raum wie Bad, noch ist es beschadigt. Because of the decreased size of the sales packaging, the Apple iPhone 3Gs smartphone is placed tightly in a hard plastic niche, and it just about fits in there. Unfortunately, there is no hard button besides this key on the screen, so taking a photo must always take place through the touchscreen. It is important to choose for sufficient internal memory, while the memory is not expandable.
The camera's speed is amazing, also because of the fact that the autofocus works immediately without waiting for the shutter button to be used.
Apple iPhone 3Gs can be used for many applications, and furthermore, this mobile phone works very quickly and smoothly.
Ich habe es mit 2 weiteren Simkarten, welche auf anderen Handys vollen Empfang haben erfolglos versucht, das iPhone findet einfach kein Netz. This means that the digital camera focuses continuously if there is a different reproduction, thus enabling you to capture a moment instantly by touching the screen.

Auch meine Base-Simkart, welche vorher problemlos uber das iPhone funktioniert hat, hat uber mein anderes Handy (Sony Ericson vollen Empfang).
By default, the focus is centre located, however; by touching any spot on the screen, the camera will then focus on that particular spot. This adds to displaying almost every web page, although the iPhone 3Gs does lack support of flash.
This is very handy indeed, not only because you don't have to switch between macro and standard mode all the time, but also because you can easily determine yourself which part of the object should be sharply displayed. Thanks to Push-mail, the Apple iPhone 3Gs ensures that e-mail is always available, including support of Microsoft Exchange.
Und dann noch bei sovielen anderen Leuten, welche sich auch nichts zuschulde kommen lassen haben?

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