If you can’t dial out, chances are your connection was disconnected when the last resident left. By simply dialing the relevant number below, a computerised lady will answer and chat to you over the phone.
If you are looking for the best internet deals be sure to use our warcom promo code during your sign up for a further saving as well! Be sure to check out Naked DSL plans across the board for some great savings on line rental and come see us for your new modem router! About WarcomWarcom offers the best prices on Computers, Computer Parts, Monitors, Computer Cases, Monitor Stands and more with fast shipping and top-rated customer service! You probably already know that one of the best broadband internet connection in India is available today via BSNL.
On next window, you can select your payment option and proceed to pay the BSNL bill online. After completing the payment, a receipt will be available for print which will have all the details of your payment.

If you face any issues while trying to pay the BSNL bill online, don’t hesitate to contact us using the comments form below.
If you can call your own mobile phone, your landline number will be displayed on the screen. Unfortunately the conversation is strictly limited to your landline phone number being repeated three times, however this call is free and could be an avenue for you, if you are lonely without Internet.
You now have your landline phone number in your possesion (assuming you wrote it down, otherwise it’s not in your possesion at all). Depending on the ISP and whether or not you’re connection was active, it may take between 3 days and 3 weeks to go live (possibly including a visit from a technician to hook things up as well).
On the next page, you have to fill your landline phone number, your customer account number, your mobile number and your email id. At the time of writing, you can pay the bill using credit card, debit card, internet banking, cash cards or IMPS. You will also get an email with the receipt and an SMS message confirming the payment of the BSNL bill.

No matter how early you go to pay the bill, you will always find 100 people already in the queue. Please note it down somewhere as it will be useful in case something goes wrong with your transaction.
If you have been successful with this it’s a big bonus, as it means your phone line is probably still connected and may allow for an easy transition to your new TPG internet connection. First try to locate the mobile service provider then , try to call their customer care and ask for help .

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