Once installed, tap the main Settings icon, followed the iCloud option near the center of the Settings menu. Obviously, this doesn’t come highly recommended, but finding your iOS device once lost is likely the reason you chose to use the app in the first place. Once lost, you can either use another iOS device or your iCloud account via the Web to locate your lost or stolen device. Additional options for remotely wiping the phone and forcing it to play a sound — accessible via the Actions option located at the bottom of the display — are also available, along with a intuitive Lost Mode that provides options for locking the device with a four-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number of your own choosing directly on the lock screen.
Open your favorite browser and navigate to the iCloud homepage before signing in with your Apple ID and password. Additional options for remotely wiping the phone and forcing it to play a sound should appear in the upper-right corner, along with a intuitive Lost Mode button that provides options for locking the device with a four-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number of your own choosing directly on the lock screen.
Wea€™ll step you through setting up and using Find My iPhone, and what to do if your phone ever does go missing.
Losing your phone isna€™t necessarily something you think much about until it happens to you. Youa€™ll now be greeted by a map with green dots that represent the location of your devices. At this point, you will probably be able to get an idea of whether you simply misplaced your iPhone at home or the office, or whether ita€™s legitimately missing.
If your phone is legitimately missing but you still hope to recover ita€”perhaps Find My iPhone shows it at the restaurant you visited for luncha€”you can put your phone into Lost Mode, which lets you remotely passcode-lock your phone.
At this point, if you feel your phone has been stolen, you should contact your local law enforcement agency and report it missing. When in Lost Mode, Apple Pay will automatically be disabled so Your phone will remain passcode-protected until you visit Settings > Passcode and say otherwise.
Find My iPhone is great, but there are a few other things you can do to keep your phonea€”and yourselfa€”safer.
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Hackers appear to be exploiting Apple's "Find My iPhone" service to lock up phones and tablets and send ransom demands to their owners.A number of reports on Apple's support forum tell of devices displaying messages that they have been hacked by "Oleg Pliss" and demanding payment of a US$100 ransom via PayPal to unlock them. Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology topics. This may sound familiar: you turn your phone on silent for whatever reason and get distracted by a couple of things. This app lets you locate your phone on a map and also send a message or play a sound for two minutes at full volume when your device is set to silent.
Prey is an open-source project for Android phones and computers which keeps track of all of these important devices for you. Plan B is an Android app that you can install from the Android Market.  It will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address. Some apps rely on GPS, Wi-Fi and other intricate technologies to track your lost phone.  Other apps rely on simple, good human measures to return the lost goods. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. It's a gut churning moment when you reach for your iPhone or iPad only to discover that it's gone.
Find My iPhone is free, easy to set up, and quite possibly the most valuable app on your iPhone. And if you hadn't noticed that your phone was missing and you suspect that the battery has now died or someone may have turned it off, there may still be a way to find it thanks to a feature called Send Last Location. One last thing to check is that Location Services have been enabled, as this allows your devices to be tracked by the Find My iPhone app. Alongside the Settings on your iPhone for Find My iPhone, you can also download an accompanying app for free (click here to see the app in the App Store). The final choice is Erase Phone, which as the name suggests is something of a nuclear option.
If you don't have another Apple device, that doesn't mean you can't track your iPhone down. If that device comes online again it'll reappear in Find My iPhone – if this happens and you're unable to access the phone to turn off Fine My iPhone properly, you can click All Devices and then click Erase. It's recommended by police forces throughout the UK and is used when dealing with lost or stolen property. You can also enable Lost Mode on Find my iPhone where you enter a passcode that'll remotely lock your iPhone.
If you're fairly sure you're never going to get your iPhone back, you can erase your phone's content remotely – but with it goes the ability to track the phone, so give it some thought before you go ahead with it. Normally when an iPhone is turned off or has no power, the Find My iPhone feature can't work as there is no signal being sent from the device. Fortunately, there's a lesser-known feature called Send Last Location that really helps in this situation.

We think Send Last Location is a tremendously useful feature, but it's not activated by default (Apple can't or won't collect location data without users' permission) - so this is one measure you need to set up before disaster strikes. If Send Last Location was turned on when you lost your iPhone, it will show up in Find My iPhone as described in the sections above.
13-year-old Luca Guerrini-Maraldi experienced something that everyone worries about – stepping off a bus and realising you've left your iPhone on the seat. When Luca and his nanny got off the bus at Chelsea Town Hall, he realised his iPhone wasn't in his pocket. While Luca's story is unconventional and we don't recommend commandeering a black cab to get your iPhone back, it's a great example of how helpful the Find my iPhone app can be.
The article claims to tell the reader how to locate their phone using Send Last Location, but instead it only tells them how to set it up.
Afterward, tap the blue Get button in the top-right corner followed by the resulting green Install button to download and install the app. The feature also enables Activation Lock as of iOS 7 and later, which securely stores your Apple ID in Apple’s activation servers and automatically links to your device. Once logged in, select the lost or stolen device from the list of devices setup with Find my iPhone to view the device’s location.
Afterword, click the large Find My iPhone icon, click All Devices at the top of the window, and select the lost or stolen device from a the resulting list of activated devices. Tap the gray Play Sound button featuring the speaker to force the your phone to play a high-pitched ping continuously for two minutes or tap the gray Erase iPhone button followed by the Erase iPhone confirmation to completely wipe your device of all content and user settings. Rather than confront the potential thief yourself, it may be wise to contact your service provider and the police, informing them of the situation and your intentions to recover the device.
Scroll down and tap Find My iPhone, and toggle the Find My iPhone switch to the On position (ita€™ll turn green) if it isna€™t already. You can also set your iPhone to send its last known whereabouts to you if its battery is about to die.
With it turned on, youa€™ll have to enter your Apple ID password whenever you try to erase or activate your phone, or turn off Find My iPhone.
If Find My iPhone indicates that your phone is at your current location, you can set your phone to play an alarm sound to help you locate it. The sound will play at full volume regardless of your phonea€™s volume and notification settings. Apple recommends you provide your local law enforcement agency with your phonea€™s serial number. Click the Erase iPhone button in Find My iPhone, then follow the onscreen instructions to wipe all data off your phone. To set up a passcode, go to Settings > Passcode, then tap Turn Passcode On and follow the onscreen instructions.
Instead, call the police and provide them with your phonea€™s whereabouts, and let them handle the situation.
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However, these clever Smartphone apps might one day save you lots of sighs and some serious dollars too.
When you lose your phone, you can text the device with a custom set words and it will turn your silent mode off, the ringer volume up, and start ringing.
Then, the phone’s location will keep updating for 10 minutes, and you will get an email each time it is located, whether the phone is moving or static. Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website. The chances are you already have one, as Apple prompts you to create one when you first set up your iPhone or iPad. The app is useful as it automatically shows you the locations of any devices using your Apple ID, as long as they have Find My iPhone activated. This is most useful if you've lost your iPhone somewhere around the house, or are having trouble tracking it down when you reach the location after following the route plotted on Maps. Tapping this will wipe all data from the device and should only really be used if you think it's been stolen, or has particularly sensitive information stored onboard. To enable this service you need to have Family Sharing set up on your device and for all the other members of your family group to have Find My iPhone switched on.
If the property is registered on the Immobilise database, police can identify who the lawful owner is and return their property. This could be heartbreaking if you've left your phone somewhere and the battery drains before you realise its gone.
Can you get to another iOS device or internet connection and log on before the battery runs out?
With Send Last Location you will at least know where it was when the power finally ran out.

Make sure you set it to On, and next time you lose your iPhone you won't have a race against time to find it.
While most other 13-year-olds would panic about how to tell their parents that they've just lost an expensive phone, Luca decided to do something about it.
A taxi driver noticed the distressed schoolboy and offered to follow the bus and track down his iPhone using the Find my iPhone app. One drink turns to two, then three, and somewhere — probably in between the four shots of horrendous well whiskey and your oh-so-fantastic karaoke rendition of Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me — you go from a seemingly casual night out to completely painting the town red. The software even works on other devices including your iPad, iPod Touch, and even your Mac. A valid iCloud account is also required and devices that lack network coverage must be connected to a registered Wi-Fi network to be located.
Said feature then requires your password be entered before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, or reactivate it. Fortunately for you, Apple provides a free suite of device-location tools called Find My iPhone that can help you figure out if you left your phone on the busa€”or if ita€™s just in the couch cushions.
You may be asked to re-enter your iCloud password at this point: Enter your password again, then hit the Enter key. You may also want to avoid using your phone in public when you can to reduce your chances of being a target. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Great for those times when you know you turned your phone on silent but can’t remember what you did with it since.
You can embellish the screen using different styles and colors and leave your contact details to the person who finds your phone. Thankfully, Apple has a service called Find My iPhone that helps track your iPhone's location. With Find My iPhone turned on, your iPhone connects to the internet and broadcasts its location.
Tap it and then tap the switch so that it's green – that means Find My iPhone is active.
You can turn off Location Services for individual apps if you'd prefer to keep your location private from certain applications. Once the app is installed, launch it and you'll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID, and then you'll be shown a map with your devices listed. The first is an icon of a car, which will take you to the Maps app and plot a route directly to your iPhone. As this deletes all information, including your Apple ID, once you press that the device will disappear from your Find My iPhone list, and most likely your life. To use it, simply log in with your Apple ID, launch the Find My iPhone app and you'll see a map with the location of your device displayed. The police have resources available to help track down the person, especially if Find My iPhone is installed on your phone. The iPhone doesn't know if you've lost the device or not, so it does this every time the battery is about to run out. The two followed the bus until they hit traffic, but a helpful police officer offered to ride along with Luca and the taxi driver to flag the bus down to get his phone back. Your iPhone, the essential piece of tech that’s basically become an extension of you, disappears somewhere without a trace. It won’t prevent you from losing your phone, but it may help you find it so long as you active the feature prior to losing your device.
It requires no action on your part and serves as yet another security measure designed to prevent theft and unauthorized use of your phone.
If Find My iPhone is enabled for a lost device, the owner can log into Apple's iCloud service to see where the missing device is located on a map, or track where it has been.
Click the green dot and you'll see the same three options presented to you on the app: Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone or iPad. Users can decide to immediately lock the missing device, displaying a custom message on the screen. You just need to remember that Find My iPhone uses your Apple ID email address to associate devices with your account, so you'll need to use the same one on all of them. Some users said they had accessed iCloud and indeed saw that the lost mode was enabled for their devices. One possibility is that they gained access to a database with user names and passwords used for several services, including iCloud. Others said they re-used their password for iCloud, but did not use it for their eBay accounts.

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