If you turn on your smartphone and cana€™t remember the PIN code to unlock your SIM card, you have three chances to get it right. Take a look at Vodacom's useful Help me website which features loads of tips and advice to help you get more out of your device. These are some simple tips to help you reduce your data usage on your mobile device, writes JACQUI LUND.

There are many ways to share the benefits of Vodacom with your friends and family, whether ita€™s sending airtime or keeping track of their expenses.
Use the check up function to see if you can save money by moving to a different O2 calling plan. Other than emergency numbers, you wona€™t be able to make or receive phone calls, send and receive SMSs or use your data.Thankfully ita€™s easy to unblock your SIM card by entering your phonea€™s unique PIN Unlock Key or PUK number.

After youa€™ve entered your PUK number, youa€™ll be able to set a new PIN a€“ hopefully one youa€™ll remember!How to retrieve your PUK numberWhen you get a new SIM card, the PUK is supplied with the Starter Pack.

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