Its all happy going from there until you decide to get a little adventurous and somehow jumble up all the settings losing that important little link with the outside world. Power up your modem if it isn’t already and connect the phone line into the line port on the modem.
If you have anything added to the table just click the checkboxes under the remove column and hit remove. If everything worked correctly you should be able to get something like this and a stable green internet light on the modem and not to mention a working internet connection!
Your internet connection has been restored to its actual glory. Report back if these settings worked for you or if there were any hiccups.
If your problem remains unresolved check out the comments section below for solutions to a few possible scenarios that might be affecting you. A friendly advice in that case would be to call PTCL helpline a few times and keep asking about the status of your complaint. I highly doubt that you changed your modem settings so there shouldn’t be an issue with that. Sir mere full setting ok he but dsl or internet ki light nh chal rhy last time mujhsy ye hua tha me advance setup me gya phr dsl phr save k barabar me advance setting tha me usmy gya dsl test mode usmy mene l3 pe check laga dya tbsy net bnd he kese shi hoga plz help. You can try factory resetting your modem and use the settings provided in this article to get internet working back again. Hi i want to change the SSID and the password for the WiFi but am unable to see the advance settings. I would like to use this modem as a repeater in order to boost the signal in the other room.

I have an1020-25U but I don’t understand how to use it as storage server when I plug in my usb flash drive I get only specification not data well help me plz!
Sir i want to roll back my ptcl router,s firmware to the orignal version that cames with the modem .how can i do that ?
Inside the wireless menu you should see a checkbox to enable wireless, along with other information such as configuring your SSID etc.
If not then there is a problem with your phone line and you would have to get it fixed via helpline.
Be sure to get your user name and password from the helpline which is required to connect to the internet. So what happens is that if you have a phone line installed on the same number and some one makes a call your internet will disconnect and keep connecting and disconnecting every time a call is picked up and hung up. My Laptop wifi is not working properly, Yellow triangle Showing, it only works on internet cable. If you are unable to connect over wifi or are using a desktop computer plug in a LAN wire into the modem and your PC. If you have changed these credentials or the login page address please use the address and the credentials you specified in the modem settings. This is where we are going to add the correct settings for the itnernet to work once again.
The username now here usually is your PTCL landline number on which you have your DSL connection. So if your line man is playing up and not visiting it should certainly get him on the receiving end.

Once I plug in wingle, the USB Green light is stable, Power light is green, Tick Mark light is green and flickering.
My other Devices on wifi is working properly but not my laptop, i have uninstall the driver reinstall it, still the same problem..Please Help me! It is the PTCL guy who has finally decided to install your very own DSL that you ordered ummm… two maybe three months ago?
Worst come if you have forgotten what either of these were you would need to factory reset the modem. If you pick up your receiver and hear noise in it then there is a problem in your phone line and need to get it fixed. The splitter needs to be installed at the point where the line is entering your home so that the phone and the internet can run properly. Wifi light is green and my Laptop is connected via wifi but there is no Internet connectivity.
Secondly if your line is fiber optic and seems perfect there could be a problem with the splitter. I want to use this to enhance the range of my Wingle as signals are weak on Ground Floor so I want to keep it on upper floor.

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