It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check and obey all local, state, and federal laws when using security, surveillance or investigative equipment. Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+): Take control of your investigation and overcome the ever changing mobile device technology challenges. Mobile Phone Examiner PlusĀ® (MPE+) is a stand-alone mobile device investigation solution that includes enhanced smart device acquisition and analysis capabilities. With a different approach to digital mobile forensics, MPE+ allows mobile forensic examiners to take control of the investigation by providing them with unique tools necessary to quickly collect, easily identify and effectively obtain the key data other solutions miss.

Featuring advanced data collection capabilities, MPE+ extracts more data from iOS and Android devices 30% faster than any other solution on the market. MPE+ provides ANY organization with an integrated solution to address BYOD Risk, Big Data and Mobile Device Evidence, all in one tool.
The robust support and superior analysis tools built into MPE+ puts a new take on examining mobile device data separating itself into a league of its own. MPE+ is the right choice for mobile forensics examiners looking to upgrade their capabilities and to handle the massive data sets aka Big Data of today.

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