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Is there a way in Microsfot Excel to force entering in a column properly formatted phone numbers with the international code? Once there, click on the Number tab if it isn't selected already, and click as shown as the Custom category and type in the Type: the format as shown above +## ####### ####. The problem I am seeing though is two of these are identical in lenght, there is no real way to differentiate the two unless you dictate a specific format, and that is through Conditional Formatting, unless you dictate through a refrence cell what country you are formatting for that is. ADAM AND EVE SEED GATHERING MINISTRY - A GO TO THE HIPPOCRATES LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE END OF AGEING FUND RISING SITE!A i»?i»?i»? LINK: TO THE ADAM AND EVE WORD RESEARCH BLOG! Stay one step ahead of the fraudsters with our series of articles giving you the lowdown on the scams they use to trick people out of their hard-earned cash - and how to avoid being taken in by them. This week, a new type of banking scam in which fraudsters use computer software to make it appear they are calling from bank helplines.How does it work? Fraudsters have hit upon a new way to convince potential victims that they are being contacted by their banks: number "spoofing", which allows the thieves to set up calls so that they appear to be from legitimate bank phone numbers. In one recent case, a 65-year-old woman from west London was called by a fraudster posing as a Santander employee.
The caller tried to persuade her to transfer funds into another account as a fraud protection measure. When she resisted, he told her to read the bank's helpline number from the back of her card and expect a further call from that number.

He and his accomplices then used easily available software to "spoof" the bank helpline and make it appear that was the number calling, tricking the woman into transferring £12,000.How can I avoid being caught out? Number "spoofing" is just a new tactic designed to make "vishing" - or fake phone call - fraud attacks more convincing.
Ways to avoid being taken in by "vishing" calls include being wary of any unsolicited calls from organisations such as banks and utility companies. If you receive a call from someone asking for your PIN, for example, the best thing to do is to hang up immediately. If you receive a call you are unsure about, it is also sensible to use a different telephone to call the bank or organisation directly on a number sourced from a reliable website or directory before taking any action.I've been defrauded.
If you are taken in by "vishing" fraudsters posing as bank employees, the first thing to do is to contact your bank so that it can secure your accounts as quickly as possible.
A quick response is the best way to increase your chances of having any money stolen returned or refunded by your bank. HE NOW again drowns many of His enemy, as "i" prophesy months back, and since He has drown many in Tonga, and crushed many in Haiti! As when "i" called for a storm Haiti in 2004, and even gave the date, the first time "i" ever asked for a certain day, and 2 months later storm rolled across Haiti on May 26th, the day "i" prophesy.
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