Most states have a number that you can call from your mobile phone that will immediately connect you to a state office.
Calling 911 from a land line phone is usually fairly simple if you can stay calm during an emergency. While the FCC has demanded that wireless carriers be able to directly pinpoint your location so that dispatchers can send help, this is a slow process for several reasons. If you call 911 from a landline phone, then the call typically goes to a call center in your town or city. Immediately tell the dispatcher about your location and the type of emergency that you are facing. These call centers are prepared for mobile phones because about 30 percent of emergency calls come from a cell phone, but you must remain calm and tell the dispatcher your address. While it’s slightly harder to get emergency help if you are using a mobile phone, you can easily fix this by telling the dispatcher your address and the type of emergency that you are facing.
The model B620 is an economical and vandal-resistant approach to an outdoor emergency phone system.
To place an emergency cellular 911 call press the numbers 911 and then press the send button.
These enclosures are designed for installation of a corded phone for wire line phone systems. Model V323WJP911 $249.95 Includes All items listed in Model V323WJP with a reprogrammed Corded ATT Trimline white telephone that can only make 911 calls from a land line wired phone connection. Optional pole mount brackets provide a suitable mounting surface for a variety of pole shapes.
Universal bands are capable of securing the bracket to poles that are between 2.5 to 15 inches.

Model SE211606 White Smokers Outpost with table: The 15"removable table creates a practical piece of furniture. Q Link Wireless provides FREE cell phone service through the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program to qualifying families and individuals.
Are eligible for and currently receive benefits from the federal assistance program(s) identified in the application form. Do not currently receive Lifeline service from another provider and their household is not currently receiving a Lifeline benefit. If the applicant is already participating in a Lifeline program from another provider, then the applicant agrees to cancel their current household Lifeline Program with the other provider in order to enroll in the Q LINK Lifeline Program. Will notify Q LINK WIRELESS by calling 1-855-754-6543 if and when they no longer qualify for any of the federal assistance programs identified in their application form.
Reviewed the information contained in their application and certify that it is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and beliefs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The dispatcher can easily pinpoint your location and send the proper authorities to help you. If the phone can turn on and receive signals, then you can call 911 even if the phone doesn’t have its own number yet. Not only is this annoying for call centers if you accidentally push the wrong button, but you can be fined several hundred dollars for misusing resources. We believe having reliable cell phone service is a right not a privilege and want to give you the freedom to communicate without paying another cell phone bill again. Each phase makes it easier for dispatchers to find your location, but mobile phones are still unreliable in this respect.

This will usually tell the dispatcher what town or city you are calling from, but that’s it. Be sure to tell the person what state you are in since some states have similar town and city names.
This is because there are laws forcing phone manufacturers to add this feature so that you can get help in any situation. While a dispatcher might be able to find your general location, calling 911 from a cell phone is significantly harder and less reliable than a land line phone if you need help immediately. This is especially true if you don’t have a GPS-enabled smartphone because this hardware is typically used to find your location. Telling the dispatcher all of this information immediately will make it much easier for him or her to properly transfer your call. At the same time, knowing the limitations of your phone will help you properly call 911 so that you can get help as soon as possible. If you don’t know where you are, then tell him or her about streets and buildings that are close to you. The dispatcher you reach might know absolutely nothing about your area since he or she could be several states away. If the phone doesn’t have its own number yet, then there is no way for the call center to contact you.
Plan maintenance on an annual basis or more frequent if the phone is tampered with or used to make calls.

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