To understand why there are free government phones, you need to first understand a little about the Lifeline and Link-Up programs. When these programs were first instituted, the Lifeline Assistance program and Link-Up America which are supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (USF), the intent was to help low income individuals by providing discounted home phone service. The programs are administered by the Federal Communications Commission and the Universal Service Administrative Company.
However, those states that have instituted their own program, the eligibility requirements differ depending on state regulation. LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones and free government phones. My life link phone was stolen and some one is using it, what should I do to stop them from getting more free time on my phone?
There’s a red hot dispute raging in the free government cell phone industry and we clearly come down on the side of those who want to ban in-person sign-ups. We have a pretty formidable ally in this battle, because TracFone, the largest company in the business with their Safelink Wireless presence, also wants the FCC to outlaw in-person sign-ups and deliveries. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has done an outstanding job of cleaning up the program, reducing waste, and cutting back on fraud. TracFone believes the United States Postal Service is the best way to deliver the phones to new enrollees and says banning in-person distribution will dramatically curb fraud and abuse.
Unfortunately, other supporters of the free government cell phone program say TracFone is merely trying to protect its own turf.

In other words, everyone agrees that the free government cell phone program needs to be cleaned up, but no one agrees on how. Our position: As long as people can be approached on the street and talked into taking a phone, the kind of reforms TracFone proposes are the best way to clean up the industry.
I heard from an ASSURANCE WIRELESS rep today that BUDGET MOBILE is no longer allowed to operate in California any longer. I work for Budget Mobile I transferred from Arizona to California and my boss told me that Budget Mobile cannot operate in California.
These programs set the ground work for all of the existing free and government assisted phone programs.
It helps offset the activation, installation and monthly service fees that can put a strain on families of low income.
Each state has the option of relying solely on the federal program or instituting its own program.
With that in mind, we fully support TracFone’s efforts to get the FCC to change the way the cell phones are delivered. They believe that distribution via street markets and home visits facilitates fraud and abuse that threaten to kill the free government cell phone program. First of all, you should know that many readers have complained that it's impossible to get a live person when you call Access customer service. For those states that rely solely on the government program, the eligibility is based on Federal guidelines.

The phone provider companies are not limited to the big name providers such as AT&T, Verizon and the like.
If you see an item and a charge for Universal Service, that means your phone provider is passing some of the cost for the program on to you. Your phone provider cannot collect more in universal service charges than they actually paid, nor can they charge universal service fees to Lifeline customers.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! While some want to kill the program completely, we argue instead that cracking down on fraud will save the program.
Phone providers also include paging service companies, wireless companies and even VOIP companies such as Vonage (VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol: You know those phone companies that use the internet for making calls). This offer is made possible, through Lifeline.  This service is available to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. Keep in mind that there is other companies that do actually offer to use your phone or provide not only a new phone but a touch screen android at that.

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