Phone Calls When I check my voice mail I like to keep a running list of the people I need to call back as sometimes I don't do it right away. I like to indicate whether I have returned the call (check box near 'Called Back') as sometimes I leave a return voice mail, but I won't tick off the complete box until we connect. I put in a priority which can be used as a checkbox for a boolean sort of priority or could be used with a number scheme. Task-procedure flowchart This is a basic task-procedure flowchart, commonly used in process analysis. The swim-lane chart defines the process; the task-procedure chart explains the process steps in detail.
2009 Dated Weekly Calendar (2-up) French One Year before, I found your site and used one of the calendar designed by one of your member and traduced into French by another.
There is easy user control to initialize the begining of the reference calendar and the date range for the daily calendar.
You can include important dates on the tables tab and they will show up in the reference calendar. Planner Left Page Only- Classic Only - Calendar, Appointments, Tasks - Auto-dating A semi-automated Excel based left page for two page per day planner systems .. Small photos can be imbedded for each day of the week to allow user customization and inspiration. Dates for the daily and reference calendars are set On the Instructions Tab and populate automatically.
Special dates are input on the Tables Tab using techniques demonstrated by David Seah's templates and receive special formating on the reference caledars. Small photos (ultimate scaled size 1x1.4 inches)can be inserted on each of the 7 calendar pages. College Map & Schedule This is just a fairly quick form I put together to keep track of my college information, including a campus map, course schedule, and professors' contact information on one sheet. PDF: The first page is a map of my campus, so it isn't going to be of much use unless you attend Oklahoma State.

Weekly Menu Planner Forms Working to get my grocery shopping under control to keep the budget down, we are switching over to doing menu planning, weekly at first.
I whipped up this this weekend to help me out, and to make it look like the rest of my planner.
2008 and 2009 Week at a View Planner This is a Word document, Classic page size, one week per page, Monday start.
The dates and the lines (between the cell borders) are set to print in 70% gray as I don't like the strong contrast between the paper and full black.
I set margins to .3 inches and print two pages to a sheet, cut the pages apart, and have the book spiral bound with extra pages and some photos, an envelope, etc. I have the weekly calendar page on the left and the right-hand side (the back of next week) is left blank for notes.
There is some word art (the word "Holiday") at the official holidays when banks and post offices are closed.
2009 yearly and weekly I have used several of the templates I found here and thought I would return the favor.
One page per month undated - Classic It's an undated month on one page for Classic sized planners. Personally, I use a mail merge to populate it (see the mail merge instructions also posted by me elsewhere on this site).
2008 2 Pages Per Day Calendar Pack I created this template for my daily planner pages and thought I'd share it.
The rest of the pages are the daily pages with a personal task list, work task list and a daily timeline from 7AM to 7PM. Grad Student Daily Planner, 2-Up I couldn't find any templates that worked for me, so with Spring Break at my disposal and my first-ever copy of MS Word, I created my own.
Be sure to print double-sided, or you'll wind up having to cut and tape things together, which isn't very efficient. The D*I*Y Planner product, its name, and its associated designs are owned by Douglas Johnston.

Enter their vital information in this Telephone Email Spreadsheet List so you have this information organized. So this year I have updated this template for the coming year and I am happy to share this work with the DIY Planner Community. Planner Left Page - Classic Size Only This form is and Excel template designed as a left hand planner page and includes an appointment list, an action item list and 3+ months of reference calendar. On the Instructions Tab, enter the begining date for the reference calendar and for the daily calendar set.
I like Bright White 24# inkjet paper for strength, hand and resistance to bleeding ( I use fountain pens ).
I like to plan out my meals 3 days at a time and this sheet allows me to easily do a sweep of what I want to eat for the week and what I need to buy to make it happen.
Other materials remain the property of their authors and are subject to whatever licenses under which they choose to release them.
You may use this to track daily chores at home or if you are like me, I use it to track daily work reports. After the description, there is room to write the repeat tasks in list format and below that is a matrix that is 31 columns wide (use to track day of month) and 11 rows down (number of tasks in list). I print the entire year of the monthly pages and only enough of the weekly pages for the current month.
This is not meant for duplex printing (because I am right handed and have a hard time writing on the left side of a binder).

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