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The company was set up on 1st of May 1984 with the name of PCs Limited in Austin, Texas, United States. It is difficult in my part to get it functioning, so where is the exact location of your service center where I can come with the tab for your kind assistance.
A Sai Vamshi SaysNov 21, 2014I purchased a laptop in 30th of December 2013.Service tag number is cs3wpx1.
Express service code is 2782100369now from pass one week its not working so i went to Dell showroom in Chennai thay said that mother board was failed.
The company serves in more than 150 countries around the world through its branches and authorized dealers. The company has numerous service centers across the globe to provide solution to the customers. I bought a new Dell desktop on 15th of November 2014, but there is a major problem inside CPU. About DellDell Inc., operates its manufacturing facilities in the United States, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland and India. On the other hand, the company operates a large network of retail stores throughout the world. The first Dell store was opened in India and it also opened numerous kiosks in many shopping malls across the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and Singapore.
Dell also has manufacturing facility at the Limerick, Ireland from where Dell assembles computers for the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Dell has its corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, United States and covers over 2,000,000 square feet area.
It introduced recycling-program in the year 2004 and obtained the first position in Information Technology sector.

I.nagasai SaysNov 18, 2014System is not responding properly, touch pad gets stuck suddenly.
Dell Products and ServicesDell produces a line of network switches, printers, computer peripherals, MP3 players, data storage devices, personal computers, HDTVs, servers and cameras. The company's major products are desktop computers, notebook, network switches, storage area networks, electronic medical records, gaming system, and much more.
Abani SaysNov 18, 2014Since morning i was getting lot of problem during the wireless LAN driver installation, when i searched the driver online i got compatibility issue regarding the OS and it was like almost next to impossible for installing that driver but after talking dell service person it was resolved, they provided all the driver according to the requirement.
Moreover, with the changing time, Dell has started marketing other products like LCD televisions, Dell monitors, LCD TVs, HDTV and monitors, Dell UltraSharp, and many others. I am very much satisfied the way they responded to me and provided all the driver.ReplyMr. The company major office supply product retailed to Canada that includes desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, and more. Chirag Patel SaysNov 15, 2014I have purchased Dell laptop in 1st of February 2013 from Lulu hypermarket. The technical and general support service related to products are also provided for the customers. The customers can also purchase its premium support services that include installations, setups, product care, troubleshooting, repair service and many others. It provides online way for the convenience of customers to make product orders and support requests by simply visiting on its official website. Last one year I have paid more to transportation charges, leave , etc more than it"s original price. The company also sells additional parts for the products like, Ink, Toner, Drums, Memory Selector, Project Lamp Selector and more. The company also makes presence in other countries with many manufacturing units like, Penang, (Malaysia), Xiamen, (China), Bracknell, (United Kingdom), Manila, (Philippines), Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida (India), Hortolandia and Porto Alegre, (Brazil) and much more.
These manufacturing plants helps the customers to deliver their products in minimum time and reduce the inventory charges.

Its manufacturing units are engaged to control the different processes such as, assembly, software installation, functional testing and quality control. The company also manufactures computers at the Limerick unit in the Republic of Ireland for the Europe, the Middle East and Africa or EMEA market.Dell BrandsDell Inc. It also represents Home Office or Consumer class under different brand names like, Inspiron, Alienware, Venue and XPS.
The company sells USB keydrives, LCD televisions, and printers under its Dell Peripherals name. It operates Dell Monitors division to sell LCD TVs, plasma TVs and projectors for HDTV and monitors.
The company provides service and support for different products by operating different brand names such as, Dell Solution Station, Dell Support Center, Dell Business Support, Dell Everdream Desktop Management, and Your Tech Team. It serves business customers under Dell ProSupport by providing a variety of solutions to meet with their requirements.
It shows limited when I connect it through Ethernet or Bluetooth tetheringor through WI-Fi. The company provides 24 hours online troubleshooting and by phone in the United States and Canada to handle the customers problems.Dell Acquisitions Dell Inc. Dell Achievements Dell also received many awards and recognition for its products and services in the history.
Dell on Social Media WebsitesDell is also available on different social media websites to stay connect with customers.
Judhistir Dalai SaysNov 10, 2014I have bought Dell Vostro desktop-2013 service tag number -GJKTXX1.

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