While new customers have yet to enter into a contract with us, we felt it necessary to comply fully and offer a 0345 number as a matter of course to anyone who calls us. The second reason is that new Ofcom rules that came into force on the 2nd July 2015 dictate that companies must state clearly their rates and the likely cost to the consumer. A ‘basic rate’ call constitutes ‘the simple cost of connection and must not provide a firm with a contribution to its costs or revenues’. Our previous call costs were likely to be up to 11.5 pence per minute from a landline and between 20 pence and 41 pence per minute from mobiles.
Lots of people like to use the internet to get quotes for their travel insurance these days.
Depending on which calling plan you're on some landline telephone providers such as BT and Talktalk offer FREE calls to 0845 numbers. Our office deals with questions about membership, donations and general administrative queries about OCD-UK.
Please remember that the Royal Mail now operate 'Pricing in Proportion' and if you send mailings of A4 size, you now require a 'Large Letter' stamp, incorrectly stamped mail will mean the charity incur a fine to receive your mailing.
We are committed to providing the best possible standards of support to all our supporters and members. Spider Glass and Spider Glazing System being a Frameless Glazing offers huge potential within Architectural Glazing Design.

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The first is that a new FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) ruling came into force on the 26th of October.
Travel insurance premiums and availability of cover may vary depending on individual circumstances.
We politely request that commercial companies refrain from emailing or calling us with unsolicited offers. General media enquires, for research information, should be made via email to the OCD-UK office. To help us achieve this we are constantly looking to improve the service we offer and therefore we very much appreciate all feedback, both constructive and positive.
We deal in Spider Glass and Spider Glazing System and Frameless Glazing in Karachi Sindh and All Over Pakistan. This ruling requires that firms must provide telephone numbers that cost their customers no more than the ‘basic rate’ when calling about a contract already entered into or to complain.
It becomes even cheaper if you have a package from your line provider that includes ‘free minutes’. As long as it’s within office hours you can call us if you get stuck on the internet or would rather talk to us than a computer.

If you are a consumer or business insured you are reminded of your obligations to provide full and accurate information concerning your insurance cover. However sometimes it may take us a little longer so please be patient.  We do respond to every single email and telephone message as soon as we possibly can. Other phone providers, including mobile providers will charge more, and you should check with them for fees. Any links to external websites have been carefully selected, however we are not responsible for the content of these third party websites.
But it makes all the difference because it makes calls even cheaper for you, and in some cases, it makes calls free.
The 0345 number falls into that allocation so any call to us will be a part of your free minute – so it won’t cost anything. Calls from landlines are typically less than 9 pence per minute and calls from mobiles vary between 8 pence per minute and 40 pence per minute. We are an Appointed Representative of Crispin Speers & Partners Ltd who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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