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I see a lot of people requesting a free people search, unfortunately, there is really no such thing as a free people search with social security number. Almost everyone you do business with (Companies, medical, dental, credit, financial, businesses, and even private firms) request your Social Security Number (Tax Identification) when you do business with them. You are constantly giving out your SSN on all sorts of forms, employment applications and much more. There are also many companies that collect, store and warehouse all types of data so there is a cost associated with data entry, security, data storage, encryption, administration, overhead, insurance, and so many other business expenses.
There is also a lot of concern about identity theft so many states and businesses are changing the way they use and share SSN information. If you could visit a web site and enter in a SSN and get back personal information about the social security number without any form of payment, then that web site really has no idea who requested or obtains information. This entry was posted in Lookup, People Search, ssn and tagged free people search with social security number, free people searches, identity theft, social security number, social security numbers.
I have been looking for my father for years and I can’t afford to hire anyone to find him I know his ssn.
Ive been seaching for my father for years, I havent seen him since elementary, I have searched in jails and prisions amoughts, the two states ive known him being in which is CA and OH, and have gotten no where! I’m looking for my daughter she was adopted in 07 her name was changed from Gabriel Nichole Reynolds to lisa willis her birth date is 1 16 2004.

Hello I am looking for my daughters father his name is Charles Aurther Cooksey DOB 6-28-1958. ITHE STATE HAS TOOK MY CHILD AND HE GOT ADOTPED BY PEOPLE AM TRYIN TO FIND HIME HIS NAME IS JARAMAIH JERMAINE BAKER HIS BRITHDAY IS JUNE 16 2009.JUST TRYIN TO GET HIM BACK IN MY LIFE CAN SOME PLEASE HELP ME ON HOW I CAN DO THAT PLEASE I REALLY WANT TO SEE HIM! I want to find out if my biological father had more children other than the ones i know about.
PLEASE HELP:I am trying to find my childrens father athough we were living together for 11yrs and have 4 children together. SSN Searcher, I've been in this industry for over a decade and have never heard of getting SSN owner info from a City Hall. Reverse lookup a phone number Find out who’s calling with a confidential reverse phone lookup.
Use our special 'Click to Print' button to block the rest of the page and only send the image to your printer. Explore Canada's provinces, cities, and natural resources in this entertaining word search puzzle. There really is no way that someone can enter a social security number into a web site and get the name or address of a person for free. In some states your SSN is or was used as a Drivers License number or on a health insurance card as an identification number.
This ensures someone from our customer service team personally speaks to every new customer that registers an account with us.
The only thing you can really do with a social security number that does not cost anything is a free social security verification. I have also talked and got the last address known from an officer, and still have gotten no where. He wss placed in a nursing home about 5 yrs back and we can’t locate where he might be .

So we were told to get a birth certificate and a marriage license and come back….She has been using her middlename as her first name for 70 years and it seems like her birthname has dissapeared! Although it shouldn’t be free or it could increase the kidnapping and murders that happen since people want revenge for something or someonee. We'll surprise you with entertaining printable cryptograms, cryptoquotes, and cryptofamilies. Social Security Numbers are used as a National ID number and there are security issues surrounding the data.
This is a time-consuming and expensive process but it assures information and search requests are held to the strictest of confidentiality and privacy. I KNOW FOR A WHILE THEY WERE RECEIVING SURVIVOR BENEFITS FROM MY DECEASED FATHER THROUGH SOCIAL SECURITY. It was a demestic relationship but I want him to be in her life, she is outgoing and a very beautiful, smart little girl.
I have old shild support papers that have his SSN and old address but nothing seems to matter. If our database contains records for the phone number you searched you will have the option to order .AnyWho provides a free online white pages directory where you can find people by their name, address or you can do a reverse lookup by phone number. He’s a guy I already knew from work, but had never “thought of him that way,” at least not until Ekaka cast his spell to show me the way. My doctor said if medcaid don't pay for what I need, then I will die in less than a year.
I already asked, and I went to the police since I know them personally since a few are family friends, but they couldnt find anything.

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