For over 80 years we have been London’s premier mail handling and forwarding company.
We’d be delighted to meet you and tell you more about our services and how they might help and save you money.
When you sign up for a British Monomarks service you’ll discover how amazingly flexible our services are and the wide range of options we make available to you. You can choose to have your mail forwarded daily, weekly, monthly or to set dates and are able to change your instructions at any time. We accept signed for items for you including Special and Recorded Delivery letters and parcels as well as deliveries from all courier sources. A great deal may have changed in our 90 years in business, but you can be sure our great deals haven’t. With us you can rely on our clear, open and honest pricing policy with no hidden or unexpected charges. I have just started using your scan and email service and was pleasantly suprised when I received a second email today, with what I assume was the second post.
I have, over many years, been given an excellent, friendly and helpful service by the staff of BM. If you have any questions or need more information about any aspect of our services or want to know more about us - click the CHAT icon at the bottom right of the page and one of our friendly operators will quickly bring you up to speed.
Simply complete form below and we will contact you as soon as possible with a bespoke and competitive quote tailored to your requirements. Myles is the Operational Director at Mercator Cargo and has accumulated vast experience in all facets of the freight forwarding business. One specific example of Mercator’s involvement with a personal effects shipment is when Myles (our MD) was contacted by a British man who was living in Cambodia.  He was planning on emigrating permanently to Cambodia when he was in a major accident and lost his leg. This is an example of the lengths that our team go to in order to help our customers.  Mercator is a family-run business, and we hold family business values highly, including customer is King.
In fact, just selling a second hand car in the UK and re-buying can be a headache and you can lose money.  Some of our customers shipping their cars to New Zealand and Australia have chosen to export their cars for this reason.
Your right-hand drive car will fit in perfectly in Australasia where they drive on the left. As long as you appoint a reputable freight forwarder who has experience, and also very importantly contacts in Australia and New Zealand, then the process of shipping your car will be relatively simple for you.  Let the experts do the work.

9 times out of 10 these shippers will also be able to do it for a better price than if you were to go direct to a carrier – this is because they have the contacts and relationships to get the best prices.  If you let the experts handle the bulk of the work, because of their knowledge and experience, they know all the pitfalls and the mistakes that are easily made (which cost money) and so know how to avoid them. How do I Export for the First Time?A recent survey compiled by the British Chamber of Commerce suggests that some UK businesses are holding back from exporting their goods and services overseas.
The Chamber reports that less than half companies surveyed (total of 4,700) had plans to expand internationally.  There have been calls for further support and advice for those UK companies who have potential to export from the UK in order to strengthen the UK’s economy and become a leading export nation. In order to export successfully knowledge is required, not just of protocols from the UK, but the requirements in other countries.  This is where appointing a well-established and trust-worthy freight forwarder could be the perfect solution to lack of experience and confidence. A decent freight forwarder should be able to provide you with as much ‘hand holding’ as you require, will be up-to-date with world markets and protocols, and will have a strong network across the globe.
Appointing a freight forwarder will be an important decision for your company as you will work closely on some important business.  You will need to make sure that you work well together, by starting a dialogue early on, you will be able to get to know your forwarder and ascertain whether their promptness, knowledge and experience suits your business needs.
Mercator is a UK based freight forwarding company, proud to offer a personal service for our customers no matter how large or small.  We were founded in 1991, so are well-established in the market with good contacts within the major shipping lines and UK-based hauliers. We are founding members of the international network of freight forwarders MPL (Marco Polo Line) which gives us personal contacts across the globe.  These contacts allow us to deliver and collect locally in a number of different countries, including clearing exports through local customs. Freight Forwarding – Containerised Shipping to Egypt from the UKWe were recently tasked with shipping a rib from Hamble in Hampshire to Egypt.   Our customer had bought the boat a few months previously but was struggling to find a freight forwarder who offered a sensible solution to the shipping task. When the customer approached our export department, we suggested loading the rib into a 40 foot container, this would ensure that the cargo was safe and secure in transit, and provides an easy onward forwarding solution once the container arrived in Egypt.
We arrange air freight consignments for our customers, whether they are commercial shipments of goods for sale, or personal effects shipments, for example, someone moving from the UK to South Africa. To get a quote for your air freight shipment to South Africa we will need to know the weight and dimensions of the cargo, and the nature of the goods. There are daily air freight departures from the UK to Cape Town, Durban and Johannesberg.  Once your goods arrive in South Africa, we can ask our agent in Pretoria to customs clear and deliver the shipment for you. To discuss our air freight services to South Africa or to get a quote for a shipment, give our export team a call today – Tel. Why Choose a Family Run Freight Forwarder?If you’re in the market to find a new freight forwarder, you might consider choosing a family-run business to work with.
Our ethos is simple: to provide a first class freight forwarding service to each client no matter how large or small. Our founder, Paul, is still very much a part of the business today, after over forty years in the shipping business.  Over fifty percent of our workforce are part of Paul’s family, and we have family business values at the heart of everything we do.

We are a relatively small team, but all our freight forwarding experts have spent their entire careers in the shipping industry, teamed with Paul’s forty years experience and motto ‘there is no such thing as can’t’, we are well equipped to deal with any kind of shipping task. Paul founded the global freight forwarding network Marco Polo Line (MPL) in 2008 with three other shipping agent MDs from around the world. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced freight forwarder, then give us a call today to discuss how our business can work with your business – Tel. Freight Forwarding – Shipping Steam Engines to the USAAs a well-established freight forwarder, Mercator Cargo has encountered some interesting cargo since operations began in 1991. We offer a first class range of business and personal mail handling and telephone call answering services delivered by our friendly and professional team. Bus routes that stop near us on Southampton Road are 59, 68, X68 and 188 or, if you’re in a hurry, why not jump into a taxi? After he had recovered, he carried on with his plans to make the move and wanted his personal effects, including all those to help with his disability, to be brought out to him.  He phoned a number of large companies, but they weren’t interested due to the insurance demands and complexity of the job.
Building one from scratch can be a daunting task, but with the help of an application programming interface it can really enhance the functionality and looks of your app.
We offer a scan and email service which allows you to read your mail on the same day we receive it.
Some of the main features to include in your business’ application are your points of contact as well as other necessities to your different communication channels. The VoiceA Call API is set up as a simple interface connected to Global Call Forwarding’s network. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Menu Forwards calls to an intelligent, interactive voice menu customized to your business. For example, one customer that needed call recording services as a feature in the API requested the software be developed. The team at Global Call Forwarding workedA quickly to make call recording an option for not only that customer, but all customers utilizing the API. Established in 1996, UWT operates with a U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Section 214 license.

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