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Our experts also have skills when it comes to dealing with the various issues customers might have. Therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking for the best social media managers. India’s leading local search engine Justdial has launched a free Android app which lets you search for businesses in your neighbourhood or city, just like its website or call-in service.
Justdial, like its name suggests, lets you call a number from any phone and request information about businesses in your city.
With the Android app, Justdial users get all of the features of the website and call-in service, and then some. Though quite similar in features to MapmyIndia ShowNearby and plenty of other local search apps, Justdial benefits from having a comprehensive database that is far more complete, at least within India, than the Google Places database used by most other apps. Other features of the app include the ability to save listings to your address book, schedule events from within the app and send listings to others via email or text message.

Justdial is one of our favourite services in India and the company is immensely competent at what it does. The company already had a website and mobile-optimised Web app, and the launch of the Android app can only help further its spread in India and the USA, where it was recently launched. Our experts have a lot of experience in managing and maintain such listings for our clients. It might be a new drug that is being introduced in the market or a new procedure that the physician will be performing. In as much as we post content regularly on the social platforms, it is also important that one interacts with the clients on the comment sections.
We will always keep the public informed about what is new in the practice and what the doctor does. We are going to cater to those issues through the various social media platforms so that they are adequately satisfied, and they always return to the doctor. The app is available to Justdial users both in India and the United States, the only two countries it currently operates in. Want to know the name of the nearest restaurant or the phone number of that car showroom you visited yesterday?
The “Near Me” feature allows you to look up businesses near you, and you get options to see them plotted on Google Maps or call them from within the app. It also includes reviews for its listings, but they have never been particularly trustworthy, in our experience.
You can also add your own business to Justdial through the app and, if all else fails, tap on Justdial’s number to initiate a call to the service, where an agent is always eager to assist you.

Calls to Justdial are almost always answered within seconds and the agents on the other end very rarely throw their hands up in the air and inform you that they could not find something you were looking for. When not writing, he enjoys spending his time bungling about on Twitter or Google+, and answering email.
At doctor's Internet, we have highly qualified social media experts that are going to manage your social networks diligently. They will make sure that no appointments are missed and in the case of a change, all the parties involved are well informed in due course. We will regularly post on the doctor's accounts to keep the customers abreast on what is happening as far as the doctor is concerned. Call Justdial and make your request, and it sends the requested information to you via a free text message. If you want to buy a product or service, Justdial offers to send your contact information to five businesses and have them compete to offer you the best price. Most businesses are using is as an avenue to market their products and services and to also get in touch with their clients easily. We ensure that the doctor's account becomes a force to reckon with on the various social media networks.

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