Telenor Weblounge provides a self-service online tool that allows users to sign up for (or port your number to) Telenor services and get a golden number free with it. Online self-service is the wave of the future and this is the right solution for net savvy customers who want to control their accounts and services from their home or work.
And yes, I have had things removed from my Etsy shop and found out that ignorance is no excuse.
Just a couple of weeks ago, one of the members of My Friend Beth had their store shut down for copyright infringement.
One last thing, even though it could mean your shop being shut down, the MAIN reason you should NOT infringe on other’s copyright is that copyright infringement is illegal, it is just plain wrong, no other way to look at it. In 2010 I used to have my own glass beads manufactured for me and I used to sell them on Ebay. The thing is not that Pandora think it’s copyright infringement, its them competing too. If you want to build your own business, use your business head and build something nobody else has.
I see stores open for 1-2 months selling thousands of dollars worth of mass merchandised products that I see all over wholesale sites. I asked Etsy how this could be allowed stating that I didn’t want people to lose their income, but would like the opportunity to sell wholesale products myself.
I got an enormous runaround and basically a threat to shut me down if I didn’t shut up about it. In my opinion, sellers who are making a lot, good for them, but what about the rest of us who would like to do the same? Yes, keep the handcrafted portion for artisans but allow the rest of us to make a living too! No problem there for those who are artists, enjoy selling on Etsy and can afford to do so as a hobby or for a little extra cash or who are talented and clever enough to come up with products that are doing very well. I see sellers who have been on the site for as little as a MONTH making THOUSANDS of dollars by reselling mass produced items and I am lucky to make 50 bucks a week after spending hours making products, taking photos, writing descriptions, etc. Angelina, I am so sorry this happened to you… it definitely doesn’t sound right! However, it’s rare to see a shop immediately closed for IP infringement, the SOP prescribed by law, for them and every similar venue, is to remove the listings they have received a complaint about and issue a warning to the shop owner. So if an attorney wishes to handle their client’s case properly, according to DMCA procedure, they have to seek that the infringement claim be rescinded by the person who filed it or by the courts, should it become necessary. The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself is sometimes called a “poor man’s copyright.” There is no provision in the copyright law regarding any such type of protection, and it is not a substitute for registration. I was contacted by Etsy, who was contacted by Chanel, for some vintage Chanel pens I had listed. I’ve had a number of artists be more than happy to allow us to use their designs for the beautiful beadwork we do with the indigenous Mayan artisans here at lovely Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and for NO CHARGE! My husband is a professional photographer and I can tell you if his work gets ripped off it’s a very bad thing, since this is how he makes his living.
I have had someone on photobucket go through all my photos of our beadwork and post them as their own, and for me to get them taken off this person’s photobucket page would have taken me eons it seemed. This copyright discussion is very important and I am so grateful that handmadeology has given us a forum to post questions and experiences. Isn’t there someway that someone could do a class action against Etsy so they stop the insanity?! I also have my store closed because I make phone cases in cat shapes using glasses and they say it is infringing Hello Kitty property, can anyone that had this experience let me know if I will be sued? 2)even if they did find them on the web somewhere or even a free clip art site, that does not give someone the rights to use them for large wholesale or commercial use- I am sure they just thought whoever they belonged to would never find out. The other solution has been to allow people to copy and if they can do a good job, pay them to create the product wholesale for me. I had a company who has taken over museum gift shops all across the country, keep our products for months AFTER taking them off the floor (where they were very successful) and apparently copied them all in China for less!
It’s hard to stay in business in this ever-increasing competitive market with international access now, but let us know how things turn out with Neiman Markus and your competition rip-off. It’s sad, how things are stolen, used and credit isnt given, I think I was more bothered that someone went to all the trouble to find out the color schemes copyrighted by John Deere, just to report you.
That seemed to me, to be a direct hit from a spiteful person looking for anything they could find to shut you down. I have been in contact with them, and I am seeking some sort of compensation but working with my attorney on that, I would like to avoid having the expense of going to court, although I could stand to get more if I do, but I am trying to go the non-legal route first. It is terrible how people do that all the time, and particularly someone selling your work as their own.

I have rarely used an attorney except in a few cases, and I have always prevailed the few times I have had to go to court as a licensed contractor for unpaid contracts.
Thanks to Rachel for letting us know that people are actually hired to ferret out offenders online and elsewhere. The wizard based system walks you through 5 steps as shown below – at the 4th step, you can search through available numbers and select one. The main functionality of Weblounge allows you to port your number from any other network to Telenor with convenience, make online payments, choose and subscribe add-ons of your choice and many other special offers.
There are NO logos, no mention of John Deere, NOTHING that I had ANY idea would constitute copyright infringement. I know others that have had theirs shut down as well, and a few lucky ones have gotten theirs re-opened, but that is rare.
I have had my graphics stolen and I can tell you as the creator it is so infuriating and stealing is stealing, no matter what kind of spin you try to put on it. I was doing really well until one morning I went to check my orders and found that Ebay had closed me down. If someone says their beads will fit a Pandora bracelet, then that person is not longer buying the beads from Pandora, they’re buying from you. Could you post the substance of the correspondence you received from Etsy, keeping it anonymous? It first started out by a guy looking to make a market place for artisan to sell their work. They ALLOW the Chinese sellers to sell fake, handmade jade, amethyst, topaz, etc and swarovski beads, passing it off as the real thing when clearly it’s not. For example, if someone has a shop full of Disney listings, the DMCA requires Disney file a separate and individual notice on each one of them, no matter how many there are. As the DMCA is written, Etsy cannot allow an item to be relisted or, a shop to be reopened, in these cases unless the claimant has officially rescinded their claim, or it’s been legally proven that the claim of infringement is fraudulent or in error, which in some cases may require a court ruling. Many choose to register their works because they wish to have the facts of their copyright on the public record and have a certificate of registration. With all these crazy copyrights, are we even going to be able to say, write or design ANYTHING one of these days? It’s supposed to protect things, as well it should, but lately it seems to have gone crazy. Not only did they not buy them, but even if they had, they would have violated all of my terms of use- but yet they made $2100 on the sale of the pillows- beyond frustrating. Beadwork by artists can be a bit different but again it’s asking permission that counts the most.
Many pages of information I was going to have to provide, half of which I didn’t understand. I do not believe in using someone’s copyrights or trademarks but making a hat similer to one I see in the cartoons should not be infringement.
He is helping me and although he will cost more than I stand to get back, I am not going to stand still for it.
Well, I did- and this person also sells to Neiman’s and Horchow- so let’s just say, she can afford to pay for her graphics- ridiculous! Given the fact that so many of the Guatemalan artisans use other people’s designs they find elsewhere, and there is little if any enforcement of copyright here (if it exists at all!) I always remind the artisans I work with to change the design somewhat to not steal it from someone else. But another woman has taken the same beautiful handbeaded keychains we make and “written a book” giving instructions and claiming the designs as her own! I really have no idea, except give credit where credit is due, ask for permission, change a design to not copy it to begin with, and take action whenever you can if you are being ripped off. Very sad- that is one of the reasons I wanted to do this post- because is infuriates me , particularly when someone uses my work or copies it and it happens ALL the time- but also the mindset that just because everyone else is doing it- that makes it okay somehow. There are many legal letters and forms you can purchase and download online for your state that should address copyright infringement. Someone on Etsy, YOUR COMPETITION, most likely, turns you in to the company that owns the rights to the images or copyrights.
One of my members has a friend that got her Etsy shop taken down because the candy she was making infringed on someone’s copyrights. Seuss inspired digital background papers and the image on the right is an example invitation that I made using my papers, frames and a couple of free Seuss fonts. I would really like to see where and how they threatened you in their emails, and this should definitely be reported to the attorney general or BBB.
But they don’t care because they entered into an agreement with the US government and the Chinese government. They have to follow procedures set out in the law or they could lose their safe harbor status, taking down the site and all the innocent sellers there with it.

Etsy (or any other similar venue) is only permitted to remove the listings they receive notice for, so if the shop has a hundred Disney listings, but Etsy receives notices from Disney on only ten of them, those ten are the only ones they are legally permitted to remove.
A shop owner or their attorney can argue with Etsy over it all they want, the law requires that the infringement claim be officially reversed or nullified before they can legally agree to permit the items to be relisted on their site, they are not legally permitted involve themselves in settling such disputes or to make those calls themselves, nor will they. Registered works may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney’s fees in successful litigation. For a listing of countries and the nature of their copyright relations with the United States, see Circular 38a, International Copyright Relations of the United States.
And especially having someone steal your design when it was posted on someone else’s blog. And if I can’t afford a lawyer, I have done it myself – oftentimes even better than paying someone else!
Copying is a huge problem and I see things copied the very next day when someone comes up with a new design.
The indigenous Mayans have been creating these designs for the past 40 years and now this American comes in to claim them as her own. That would be the best outcome of course, regardless of the amount, along with a written agreement not to use your work in the future without written permission.
Take a look on doing it yourself before you spend more on an attorney than you stand to gain.
Overall the features and service offered by Telenor Weblounge are comprehensive and the wizard based approach makes it easy to sign up. UNLESS you have bought the rights to use the images and usually that is not feasible for most people, therefore you will be guilty of copyright infringement. Big mistake, someone with WAYYYY too much time on their hands contacted John Deere and reported my tractor. Don’t use copyrighted images for anything and then not only will you not have to worry about your Etsy shop being shut down or having someone initiate a lawsuit against you for copyright infringement, but most of all, you will be able to have a clear conscience and sleep well at night. Apparently Pandora had made a complaint and such was their threat that Ebay closed down 200 sellers overnight and 2000+ within 7 days. But as it got more popular, more overseas sellers and wholesallers heard it was a thriving market and set up shop. If they filed a notice for each of the hundred items, well there isn’t a shop anymore at all, is there? You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. Finally, if registration occurs within 5 years of publication, it is considered prima facie evidence in a court of law. So I gave up, and closed all my albums on Photobucket and now only post images which have been watermarked. The companies DO care, but they aren’t pouring over Etsy looking either, because they would have to hire full time people just for that.
You can put anything you want in the wording on your invitation and that is NOT copyright infringement. Honestly, they really don’t enforce this at all, maybe like a token enforcement effort. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration” and Circular 38b, Highlights of Copyright Amendments Contained in the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA), on non-U.S.
But guess what, John Deere owns the copyrights to green tractors with yellow wheels- who knew?
Why aren’t they going after the big money makers and not the people just trying to sell their crafts for pocket money? She started a new shop under a new name and Etsy found out and not only shut her shop down, but banned her from Etsy altogether. I honestly think the staffer just picks and chooses their cases based on how much money you make for them, or how their mood is that day.
I had to redo my tractor and make it red- who knows who owns the rights to red tractors- but I changed mine to red. It took me three weeks going back and forth with John Deere, showing them the new tractor, to get them to remove the complaint and for Etsy to allow me to put my farm set back up. It’s just easier for them to shut you down, then actually look into it, the last thing they want is to go to court.

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