SIGN UP TO RECORD YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION , SUBMIT PROMOTIONAL OFFERS & JOBS , MARKET YOUR COMPANY AND CONNECT WITH OTHER BUSINESSES. We are in a global expansion process in Africa and we have a system and a business option for you to achieve any income goal. Target audience: Workers Approaching pension, leaders of organisation, health care professionals, Business minded individuals.
Should be able to travel across country to supply the company with fresh matured coconut for sale. We are looking for a marketer to join our marketing stuffs in marketing and selling of our cars.
Casapulo Ghana Limited, is a construction company founded to design, plan, construct and renovate properties.
We accomplish this goals by maintaining a team of the most innovative, creative and determined professionals across the field of construction.

We seek to provide a convenient and safe platform for interested students and institutions to interact, and to help students find the right institutions of higher learning outside and inside Ghana. MAKOLA MALL is the online shopping destination for those who want quality brand named apparel and accessories for 10-50% off retail prices! We give our customers unbeatable deals on fabulous products each and every day - making Makola Mall the go to choice for finding some of the lowest prices on 100% authentic items!
There is a better way, an exciting opportunity for everyone who is Business minded with a vision. The only requirement is for you to be at the Kama conference centre this Saturday at 10am sharp.
We specialize in the construction of Swimming Pools and Building projects, Renovation works, and Finishing works. We offer an incredible variety of amazing authentic designer merchandise, fantastic products and cool trendy items through exciting short term daily deals.

With incredible products, super low prices and friendly customer service, we strive to be the top choice in the online shopping scene! Discover how you can be financially free by building your own business with our success system.
Casapulo Ghana Limited is completely dedicated to providing our clients with nothing but the best.

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