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Flash has capabilities that can enable either a very rewarding, or a very frustrating, experience for users with different disabilities. Buttons, which you can make accessible using the Accessibility panel and the Actions panel. Figure 5 You can add these control buttons to your Flash movie by using the Accessibility panel and the Actions panel. Here are some tips on how to deal with the two basic Flash concepts (stage and timeline) and how to improve accessibility through keyboard navigation and control, as well as through text equivalents. The native app provides offline access to content and full trackinga€”even when users are disconnected.

This month, he completes the process with a list of the exact questions you need to ask tool vendors! Method addToMemory adds the Command instance containing the code to run (println(msg)) to a list for later execution by the mixed in RUN method. When the Command with GOTO's code is executed, it changes the number of the next line to be run. So integer "variables" like def X%_=(i:Int) can't be defined and line 10 will never compile. That's why method TO has to return its instance, to match the update method (used for setting array elements). Inside method update all necessary code to run the loop is put into the BASIC runtime part.

Parsing BASIC should be separated from the logic that stores and executes the lines of code, the "runtime". Trait BasicMemory contains the program code as list of Commands and the logic needed to run them. The parser communicates with the runtime by using a small interface LinesOfCode for adding commands, runtime and memory (read variable) operations. Still if this is interesting to people, I may do a proper release into an OSS project somewhere later.

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