There might be slight difference (no impact on the functions and usage) between the product and the images due to different batches.
I’ve seen a lot of crazy things done with duct tape over the years from lifting cars to prom dresses made out of duct tape but I think this is the first time I have seen it used to make a GPS holder. Besides, it’s only useful as long as you drive straight forward, otherwise the image would be confusingly rotated.
Towable Tubes Buyers Guide Watersports Responsibility Code WindStorm Semi-Custom Boat Covers What’s the Difference Between an Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline and a Bongo™ Bouncer? One popular brand requires the purchase of four different part numbers to mount my particular phone to my particular motorcycle.
Now, granted, these are model specific solutions, many of which are chrome plated, powder coated, or anodized steel and are backed by months of R&D. It is not recommended that you operate any devices other than your motorcycle while you ride.

But, if you must, make sure to mount any accessories or controls you plan on interacting with on the left side of the bike. To bring your mobile device closer to you, turn the stem around and extend it as far as needed. Remember, you are likely threading a strong steel bolt into a lightweight aluminum clutch perch. Now that you're mounted, you can secure your devise holder to the stem by inserting the tabs of the stem into the holes on the holder. The device holder can now be positioned vertically or horizontally by sliding this tab and rotating the holder.
Make sure the arms of the holder aren't interfering with any of the buttons on the edges of your device by adjusting the position of the arms.
To release your mobile device, squeeze gently on the sides of the arms and press the release button.

Avoid pressing the release button without squeezing the arms together because the tab on the inside of the holder could wear out prematurely.
I chose not to re-install it and went with a different mount that was specifically designed for my phone. Look to see if you have a spot to bolt it down like where the mirror bolts to handle bar.Reply · Report · ALLEN B on Oct 8, 20140Yes this can fit any motor cycle you just have to find a place to mount it.

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