Our commitment is to bring you Apps that have an everyday purpose (sorry we don't make farting Apps) that provide you the next level of connectedness.
In 2008 LOCiMOBILE launched with the goal of delivering GPS and PLS - Personal Location Services Apps. Our commitment is to bring you Apps that have an everyday purpose (sorry we don’t make farting Apps) that provide you that next level of connectedness. We design our Apps to be Fast, Easy and Private; Apps that deliver real-world, everyday use and function.
Mobile GPS technology first became available a few years ago and as Smartphone performance increased and cost decreased our 2 way GPS technology became more feasible to launch.
Not all of those 486 million users will have a LOCi App on their phone but we sure are trying to get as many as we can.

Portions of this website contain images that are reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. GPSTrackMP software is a low cost yet powerful GPS passive and real-time tracking software for fleet management. Plan and schedule efficient daily work routes by optimizing customer visits and stops for each vehicle and driver. Track and monitor performance of drivers by checking adherence to scheduled routes and stops. Increase productivity and service quality by monitoring customer visits, deliveries and stops. To set up a GPS passive tracking system based on this software, you still need to buy a GPS data logger and a copy of Microsoft MapPoint software.

Users can easily to dial a preset phone number by using one of the four quick dial buttons or the  SOS button.
Continuing to pave the way for innovative geo specific and proximity alerting applications.
In todays fast-paced lifestyle we understand you want something that is useful, simple and functional, yet private and secure. Let the LOCi revolution begin… And remember, staying connected is a great way to let someone know you care.

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