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It is always a good idea to check any used block for cracking before any machine work is performed.
This 144 page book guides you step by step througha rebuild, including: planning, disassembly andinspection, choosing the right parts, machine work,assembling your engine, first firing and break-in.
By increasing the bore and stroke of your currentengine, you can add those cubic inches without thehassle of switching to a big block.
This book addresses high-performance V-8 enginessuch as the 289, 302, 351ci small-blocks found inMustangs, as well as the FE series of big-blocks.Emphasis throughout is a budget approach to buildinghigh performance power plants through the use ofover-the-counter factory components and selectedaftermarket pieces.
Some cubic packaging is made of a single piece of card with some clever folding and gluing. It's easy to think of a cube as a very man-made shape, and that there are no cubes in nature. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need.
If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with an item, simply return it within 30days and the purchase price will be refunded. The five-bolt small-block bellhousing pattern was used through August 1, 1964 in mass production (see table).
We suggest the use of a 302 block with 289 internals, but not the 289 block with 302 internals, due to the increased stroke. Covering both big- and small-block Ford V-8 engines, this first-ever book on the subject provides indispensable information to the Ford enthusiast.
It alsogives you helpful hints and tips on performanceupgrades, including cams, heads, ignition, induction,and more. George Reidthoroughly explains the building of a small block Fordstroker, paying special attention to the effect thatincreasing the bore and stroke have on the engine as awhole.
Since it just shows the edges, you can see through the model, which means that you can count the vertices and edges easier.

Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. Six-bolt blocks and bellhousings (shown) were conceived to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, beginning August 1, 1964.
The 302 block has slightly longer cylinder wall skirts to accommodate the small increase in stroke length. Included are high performance factory parts, interchangeability between Ford Windsor and Cleveland engines, extensive coverage of the 302 and 351 series as well as the 352, 390, 406, 427, 428, 429, and 460 big block engines, factory casting numbers, etc. It also points out problem areas to watch for,professional builder tips, jobs that need special care orspecial tools, and more. Also included is a complete guide to factory headand block castings, as well as aftermarket block andhead guides, so you can choose exactly the right partsfor your project. The 289 High Performance block (1963-67) was the same as the 289-2V and 289-4V block with the exception being wider, heavier main bearing caps. New-old-stock (NOS) service blocks that have never been assembled are out there, but they are expensive and rarely for sale at a swap meet. Weak spots are generally found at the deck around the cylinder head bolt holes and water passages.The 302 block was virtually unchanged through 1975. Scale it up to the size you want, and put a tab on every other edge for gluing it together.
In your search for a 302 block, we suggest the use of the high nickel content blocks produced from mid-1967 through the early 1970s. There are eleven different ways to do this, apart from rotations (turn it round) and reflections (turn it over). You might think that crystals are transparent and jewel-like, but there are many metallic crystals. For a regular solid, all the vertices must look the same, and what happens at the vertex (corner) defines the shape. It is not uncommon to find a 302 block that was cast and assembled during the summer of 1967 as a 289ci engine. This extended cylinder skirt reduced piston slap and improved stability for quieter operation.

These Mexican blocks weigh more, but they offer strength in a heavier casting, thus being more suitable for high-performance use.
When the bolt holes were widened to seven inches as a means to improving noise, vibration, harshness and structural integrity, three freeze plugs were used. Draw out the design (if you haven't printed it) and cut it out carefully, using scissors that aren't blunt or covered with glue.
While most of these blocks are interchangeable with 289 derivatives dating back to the 1965 model year, it is important to note that the clutch equalizer pivot boss was deleted from the left-hand side of the block beginning with the 1975 model year.If you are restoring an old Ford or Mercury to stock condition and are looking for a matching number block, your challenge will be greater, but not impossible. Before gluing, it is important to fold the design, and it's easier to do this if you score the lines first. But if four squares meet, they make a flat surface (since the corner of a square is 90 degrees, and 4 x 90 = 360 degrees). It is recommended that you begin your small-block high-performance Ford engine project with a 289 or 302 block, which has a 4.00-inch bore from the start.
First, the block must have a Ford part number that falls in line with the model year of the vehicle. The ball-point pen will make a mark so if you can find a ball point pen that doesn't work, that will be perfect. More than four squares would make the vertex inside-out, which also wouldn't make a regular solid.
Secondly, the date codes (casting and manufacture date codes) should fall 30-60 days prior to the scheduled assembly date code of the vehicle.
Once you have scored the edges with the ball-point pen, you will find it easy to fold it either way. The last arrangement is a T-shape, which forms an empty box, and one more square to make the top.

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