Ios 7 secrets, tips hidden features: master , Ios 7 was introduced with the iphone 5s and iphone 5c is now available to download for all iphone's and ipads.
How block phone number calling cell phone, 66 responses “ block phone number calling cell phone”.
One of the most useful features Apple has added in iOS 7 is the ability for users to block any number or Apple ID from contacting them. Using this feature to block anyone is very simple and in this post we will explain how you can do it in a few simple steps. Remember that iOS 7 allows users to block any number from different stock applications so if you receieve a message you can block that number from the Messages app, if you receive unwanted calls you can block a number from Phone app and finally if you receive a video call from an unwanted person then you can block it from the Facetime app.

If you block any number the change will have affect across the board and the blocked person will not be able to contact you in any way on your iOS device. Next up we will show you how you can block any number that is sending you annoying text messages. Again, remember that when you block any number  the change is reflected in all other apps so if you have blocked someone from messaging you the same number or email address won’t be able to Facetime or call you on your number.
But on Android Devices you will have options to block unknown callers or No Caller ID calls too.
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This can be any random caller that is annoying you or any marketing company that keeps bothering you to buy their products.

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