It is annoying how spammers and scammers constantly send us text messages, in hopes that we might be too gullible to realize they are actually the ones who would benefit from the awesome deal they are offering. On a side note, it wasna€™t really a big deal because I absolutely love this a€?scammera€™, P2 is not really a big thing, and it was more of a joke at the time because people still didna€™t know what pasaload is. So, in the spirit of practical jokes, I also sent the message to several of my friends a€“ some of them also sent me P2 [sweet revenge LOL]. But you have to remember that text messages at the time cost P1 to send a€“ and only a few of my friends were actually as gullible as me.
That was sometime in the 90s or early 2000s yet there are still so many scammers these days. Of course, you cana€™t pasaload amounts unless you have lot of credit on prepaid but postpaid numbers can quickly send those without hitch. Aside from load scammers, there are also plenty of others who try to scam you with promises of winning some kind of lottery or raffle promo you didna€™t even join.
I am quite sure it was not from my Facebook profile because i disabled my phone number there. Dancing at the back of my mind is the question that someone at the telco could be behind these massive spamming a€“ though that would be crazy, right? Of course, there is always that possibility that these people were just randomly sending messages to numbers they just make up. RachFeed brings you with the latest in news and entertainment, from the Philippines and across the world. Fraud is now at record levels - we’re urging the government to take the lead and ensure companies safeguard us all from scams.

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Back in the day when text messages were not yet a big thing (note to younger generations: we rarely text in the 90sa€¦YG reaction: what???
Many people willingly sent the scammers thousands of pesos in a€?processing feesa€™ and a€?taxesa€™ so they can get their P1 million prize or new luxury car. Though therea€™s always this possibility that the site can be hacked and the phone numbers made available for techie people to see. I do enjoy online shopping from time to time, so it is possible that someone snatched tidbits of information from forms, right? I guess we really have to be extra careful next time we fill out forms on the web or do anything that might expose our numbers to these crooks.
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Unlike the P2 we scammed our friends then, crooks are asking pasaload ranging from P20 to higher amounts such as P300, P500, or even P1000! After all, though I have always received scam messages while I was still using prepaid, I only received the spam messages from a€?companiesa€™ when I switched to postpaid.
I am so used to receiving similar spam messages, yet this is the first time that someone addressed me using my name. However, that just sounds quite crazy because the telcos had supposedly penalized those who are spamming their consumers.

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