Me and a friend of mine were making a parkour map and we thought it would be handy if there was a way to give the players a unlimited potion effect like jump boost or speed. This will give the closest player to the block 1000000 seconds of the effect when it's activated with redstone. You should watch out that any amplifier value between 128 and 250 will disable jumping, and any value above 251 will decrease jump height. If you activate the command block with a button, for example, you'll get almost infinitely speed 2. In the 1.8 snapshots, an extra parameter can be added to the command, which will hide particles when set to true. To give yourself ? length of a potion, you could either use a command block or you could just type it in chat (YOU MUST BE OP).
I think for infinite time it has to be over this magical number 372000 or 37200, not sure, but I am fairly sure that this is right. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site.
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Caller ID is one of those features that we are so used to that it has become ubiquitous across both phones and carriers regardless of which country you live in.
With Caller ID you can see a caller’s phone number on your phone whenever you receive a call. There are occasions however, when to protect your privacy or other reasons, you would prefer to keep your phone number hidden from the screen of the ones you are calling.
This one is a bit tricky, since there is not one-fits-all solution, but it is still not that hard to implement. Usually, phone carriers offer unique codes that can be used to block your Caller ID on a Per-Call basis. Note: My country (Peru) has no specific code listed, but it works in Argentina (which has a specific disabler code), so your usage may vary. We do hope that you don’t use this feature to trouble someone, because it isn’t that foolproof and your carrier can always tell who’s calling whom. This does not work on iPhone 6, cannot find the block id setting, searching web, cannot find.
For Verizon users: If you have to make a business-related call on your personal phone but don’t want just anyone to have your number, you can block Caller ID on your outgoing calls using Verizon Caller ID Blocking. Of course, when you are the one making a phone call, the other party will also be able to see your phone number displayed on their screen.
Thankfully, doing so on your iPhone is not hard at all, but it can only be enabled on a general basis and not on a per-call scenario.

So if for example you want to call the number 212-555-5555, all you need to do is find your “disabler” code and add it before the number you want to call, so it should look like this #31# 555-5555. In that case all you have to do is go to that contact and edit it’s phone number to add the disabler code in front of it. Switch it OFF and all your outgoing calls will have your number blocked until you re-enable the option to show it. Two simple, yet effective ways to help you have even more control over who sees your phone number and when they see it. Just press *67 before you dial your call, and “Private,” “Anonymous” or “Restricted” will appear on the receiver’s Caller ID readout. This service comes in handy for those who work in sensitive fields such as law enforcement. If you want to block Caller ID on all of your outgoing calls, you can set that up through My Verizon.

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