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Whatever the case, the need for privacy, especially in the digital world we live in, can never be understated. The user can also add credits to keep the number alive or dispose of it and create a new one, not unlike buying various prepaid cell phones and "burning" them to duck law enforcement when you're on the lam. Immediately, when I first heard of Burner, I thought to myself, "Why would anyone pay for this?
However, while they can be used for largely the same thing, Google Voice and Burner have two very different sets of unique benefits. I purchased Burner not too long ago with the intent to use it for various things, primarily with Craigslist deals.
At some point, for whatever reason, you find yourself in a situation where you need to exchange information with someone you don't particularly want calling your home or cell phone at their own discretion or convenience. And nobody wants to come home at night to an answering machine (those things still exist, right?) filled to the brim with automated messages claiming your family somehow won a week-long, paid-in-full cruise for four in a random drawing you never entered your name in. And it all begins – and sometimes ends – with a simple, 10-digit number you've spent the last half decade years protecting from the digital age.

Part of Ad Hoc Labs, Burner issues temporary numbers for use on iPhones that can be disposed of, or "burned", after the user is finished with it. Isn't that what most people use Google Voice for anyway?" Originally, that's what I used Google Voice for. Buying Burner credits in bulk gives you a discount, in which you could keep an anonymous number open for months for a rather affordable price. It's just as easy and painless as popping a new SIM in your phone, and it is all done on the fly. Whether you just ran into an old classmate from high school – the one you desperately avoided back then – or find yourself entering your name in a drawing to win the shiny, new car you saw parked in the middle of your local shopping mall, your telephone number is the one piece of information you're hesitant about giving out.
I created a number through Google Voice and gave it to people I wasn't planning on staying in close contact with. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile give individuals the option to unlock their cell phones online. Or maybe, just maybe, you're a frequenter of Craigslist and need an extra layer of anonymity. Instead, I use Google Voice as my primary number so I can receive calls on either my AT&T or Verizon line.

What that means is I now use Google Voice for what Google intended the service to be used for and I am too enveloped by the service to be giving that number out to just anyone. And, depending on how long you plan to keep your Burner number, Google Voice may be cheaper. Users should know the IMEI number, along with information on the current or previous owner. T-Mobile and Sprint customers can request to have their phones unlocked by initiating an online chat with a representative through the companies' official websites. Alternatively, they can call in their request by pressing *2 on a Sprint device or 611 on a T-Mobile phone.

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