Samsung Phones Aren't the Only Android Devices Vulnerable to Remote Wipe Attacks—Is Yours at Risk? I don't even like people playing Temple Run on my mobile because I don't want anyone beating the achievements I've been working on getting myself.That's why most utilize the lock screen. You can also use the app to hide incoming and outgoing calls and texts from the Android's stock apps.Once you download and install the app from the Play Store, you can add the contacts that you want to hide to the list.

Then again, your significant other, close friends, and some of your family members probably know your passcode by heart.
You can also add any phone number to the list and all information sent or received from that number will be stored inside the app an nowhere else. If you let friends or family members borrow your phone, you might want to keep the saucy messages from your girlfriend or boyfriend hidden.

Even if people aren't trying to snoop, it's very easy to view recent contacts and messages.Shady Contacts is a free Android app that helps keep that sensitive information concealed, and is known to work well on the Samsung Galaxy S, S2, and S3, but should work with just about any Android phone running Honeycomb and higher.

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