First step, as you can imagine, is turning iMessage on and you do this under Settings -> Messages.
Assuming you’re starting on your iPhone, iMessage will connect your phone number automatically. Once you have all your emails verified (it might take a while for all the emails to come through, so you might need to be patient), you can move onto your next iDevice (or Mac). DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
As soon as iOS 8.1 hit two days ago, I immediately went about checking out a pair of new features I care about the most, Text Message Forwarding and iPhone Cellular Calls.
As a quick reminder, Text Message Forwarding lets me mirror text messages sent to my iPhone in the Messages app on the Mac or iPad. But something was amiss, or so I thought, because I just couldn’t get either feature to work. The problem is, I removed the other day all of the previously added email addresses from both FaceTime and iMessage. Another reason: I loathe it when iMessage creates two conversation threads, one for messages sent to my phone number and the other for those reaching me through an iMessage email address.
The cryptic error message doesn’t provide as much as a hint of what a user needs to do in order to make it work. I was waiting there clueless because my Mac just wouldn’t generate a verification code, even though Messages automatically opened on the machine. Choosing any device will put up a prompt requiring you to enter a six-digit code generated on your other device. Step 5: Messages on the Mac or iPad opens automatically and creates a one-time verification code, like this. Bluetooth is not required for Text Message Forwarding and your devices don’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Unlike Text Message Forwarding, this feature doesn’t require you to enter a verification code into your iPhone. Keep in mind that iPhone Cellular Calls requires that all your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. How do you like Text Message Forwarding and iPhone Cellular Calls and will you be using these new features on a regular basis, do you think? For some reason I don’t see my Macbook in available devices in the messages settings, my iPad is there. Ive had this problem, what I did was turned off iMessage, turned it back on and it enabled my phone number and my Apple ID. The second choice is to block imessage spam is to only get imessage notifications from your contacts. To only receive notifications about imessage from your contacts you will have to go to settings then to notifications. This will not stop you getting imessage from spammers but block imessage spam by not notifying you every time you get spam. Secure passwords will help all your personal information stay safe and a 64 character password will help this. The problems with just using these are there are so many programs that go through a dictionary to guess your password and there are even some that are able to replace certain letters with numbers (e.g.
These tips will help you have secure passwords but doesn’t help remembering every password you need, for that I recommend using the idea of variable password. A lot of people are guilty are of the one cardinal sin to do with passwords, that is using the same password for every single account. The idea is you have a constant password which should be a secure password to start off with, for help choosing a secure password read my article on choosing a secure password. The variable has to be something to do with the website or service it will be used for, a good example would be the website URL. Although this would make your password more secure it maybe noticed that your gmail password has “gma” in it, a better idea would be to change variable in to numbers. The idea can be expanded to reverse the variable before you use it or add your birth date on to the variable once it has been converted to numbers. Using the 2 USB ports it is possiable to setup a home nas, unfortunatly freenas dont do a ARM processor build.
The Raspberry Pi is a great little low cost and low power consumption PC to use to power a digital signage solution. The Raspberry Pi is powered by mini usb which makes it great to be used as a mobile Wireless Access Point, but currently im not sure if anyone has got a usb 3g modem working with the ARM processor yet.
I currently work in education and it would be a great low cost device to teach programming on, it has been said to be the BBC micro for the new generation.
This is just a quick guide on how to iron on your T-Shirt transfer, this guide wont be helpful for people that want to put transfers on hats or other akaward shaped items.

First of all your going to need put your chopping board underneath your t-shirt, so where you want to put the design is in the centre of the chopping board, and just give this a quick iron to make sure its all flat. You just what to double check the transfer and make sure the sticky side doesn’t have any thing stuck to it. Ideally if you have a heat press set it to 150oC but if you only have an iron then it is best to set it to the lowest cotton setting your iron has. Netflix has finally come to the UK, at ?5.99 a month for all you can stream it sounds a good deal. Netflix does allow you to log in with your Facebook account, which makes signing up a bit quicker but also then publishes what you watch on to your wall. Although I have pointed out all of the problems the fact is even after the 1 month free trial I still have a subscription and  I’m still using it nearly everyday. Living21 is a great website thats trying to promote awareness of what they can do to help others and how a little help goes a long way.
If you search iMessage spam there are the first few reports from people about iMessage spam but at the moment it isn’t a problem the majority have. I’m sure that apple with be able to stop certain iMessage accounts if they get to many complaints but it is easy enough to open up another iTunes account and continue their spam campaign. Redemption vinyls is a UK based business I have just started to provide custom t-shirts,clothing, vinyl decals stickers, signs and banners. With the release of Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Apple introduced several new features that make cross-platform communication easier and more seamless than ever. Note: It is important to understand that making calls and sending texts from your Mac is not free.
Tip: Unlike Handoff, Call Relay and SMS Relay do not require Bluetooth LE communication between your Mac and iPhone in order to work, so this feature is available to all devices that run the required operating systems. Tip: At the end of the option’s description you can see the phone number that will be used to place and receive calls. If you’ve ever received a FaceTime Audio call on your Mac, you already know how to receive regular phone calls since they appear in exactly the same manner. On your Mac you should receive a popup with a numeric code that you need to enter on your iPhone in order to complete the setup.
Tip: If you’re not receiving your numeric code on your computer, log out of iMessage on your phone and Mac and then log back in.
If you haven’t set up iMessage before it will ask for you to log in with your Apple ID to proceed.
You will also be able to add additional email addresses that your friends can use to send you an iMessage with. Next you should receive an email from Apple making sure that this is your email and it’s legit. Before you do though, in the Send & Receive screen, pick where you want all your messages conversations to start from. While attempting to enable Text Message Forwarding, the system prompted me to enter a confirmation code my Mac was supposed to generated, but didn’t.
The thing is, I don’t want anyone to be able to FaceTime me or send me iMessages using anything other than my phone number.
After logging in successfully, iOS then offers to enable iMessage with the email address(es) associated with your Apple ID, in addition to your phone number. You should be now presented with a list of all your devices enabled with the same iCloud account as this iPhone.
Jeff has put together a nice video tutorial showing using Text Message Forwarding in OS X Yosemite in greater detail so give it a read to learn more about this great new feature. After logging in successfully, iOS offers to enable FaceTime on one or more email addresses associated with your Apple ID, in addition to your phone number. The missed call will show up in my FaceTime call log under audio but I do not get a notification on my mac while I am getting a call or a notification that I had a missed call. If that doesn’t work then sign out of your Apple id, sign back in and enable imessage.
Messed with trying to get text forwarding for an hour before I found this perfect solution to my problem. Unfortunately apple at this time haven’t implemented a system to be able to block specific users on imessage. This will not stop you from receiving imessage spam but will stop your phone notifying you when you receive it. In notifications you will have to scroll down to the bottom of and change the “Show iMessage Alerts From:” option from everyone to my contacts only.
Hopefully apple are starting to get plans in place to be able fight imessage spam as time goes on this will become more and more of a problem, but to this date apple haven’t made any statements on how or if they try to block spam on their imessage infrastructure.
Although it may sound over the top, it is important for your peace of mind that no one will be able to guess your password.

By using Upper, lower case, number and symbols a 6 character password has 782 billion combinations.
Its a simple idea that makes it easy to have secure and unique password for all of your accounts. We all know that we shouldn’t but it’s just so hard to have all our passwords secure, unique and memorable. The first or last 3 letters of the URL could be the variable, once we have the variable could be put on the end of constant or in the middle.
The idea of variable passwords can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, As long as you can remember the steps to get your variable and how they are placed in the password you should never forget any of your unique and secure passwords again. But after using the streaming service over the past two weeks I’ve found that it just depends on what your looking to watch.
You do have a choice but I didn’t realise and now everybody knows my shameful secret that I like to watch the secret diaries of a call girl. Just like Facetime that started out on IOS devices and soon made its way to OSX, iMessage will probably follow soon enough. But there is a problem with the current iMessage system unlike Blackberry Messenger you do not have to add before they can message you, so any one with your iMessage phone number or email address is able to send you anything they wish. All of the data still goes through your phone, you’re just interacting with it on your computer. The great thing is that you don’t need to keep FaceTime open in order to receive FaceTime and cellular phone calls.
In apps like Mail, Contacts, Maps, Calendar, Safari, etc you need to hover over a phone number with your mouse until a blue phone icon appears. If that doesn’t work, try adding a new email address where you can receive iMessages and follow the steps again. In the verification email will be a link to click on that takes you to Apple’s main Apple ID site.
Now, since you’ve already set up iMessage on your iPhone (or other device) first, you should see your phone number and email addresses already there.
You’ll receive iMessages on your iPhone just fine, but they might not appear on your other devices. On the Mac, just fire up the FaceTime app, go to settings and tick the iPhone Cellular Calls box under the Settings tab, as seen on the screenshot below.
Best practise would be to use random letters, numbers and symbols but in real life not everyone would be able to remember this without having it written down somewhere, As that would make all the secure passwords useless if some one were to notice the post-it on your desk. The idea of variable passwords is as long as you remember the steps to get the password all of your accounts can have unique and secure passwords.
Now you will need to make sure the transfer is straight and where you want it, if its not shere you want to pull it off and stick it down again.
Netflix selection of films is in my opinion very limited, although I can always find a film to watch it is never my first choice and I find my self watching films from the 80s or films that I’ve never heard of before.
So your carrier will charge you for the calls and texts as if they made through your iPhone.
If you need to text a number that’s not in your Contacts, just enter it as the recipient of a new message, type in the text and send it. I get to why shortly, but trust me, it will save frustration later if you start with your iPhone. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Taking that one step further you could alternate between the constant and variable password. The biggest drawback is that there isn’t an integrated keypad, so you can’t dial random phone numbers. Make sure you tap each email (and your phone number) so there is a check beside it so that device will get messages sent to that address too. For those who want to turn off imessage this is done but going to settings them message and turning off imessage. Not everyone can remember a 64 character password so we need to choose secure passwords without having them so long. This could be either the initial variable or the number variable derived from the initial variable.

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