In the longer term, the question is whether Apple and Samsung can make a deal, as Apple recently did with giant Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC. However, depending on your specific device manufacturer or your version of Android, the way to go about setting it up can be completely different. The feature is included in the actual Phone app, where you can browse your contacts and make calls, and integrates directly with your data.
Of course, there are a variety of reasons why you might be interested in blocking a number, from something as simple as a telemarketer to an annoying ex, and it’s definitely nice to finally get some peace and quiet when you need it.

Apple is asking the judge to increase the jury’s damages award, while Samsung is looking to have it reduced or thrown out altogether. For example, certain devices may have the feature built-in, others may require a third-party app, like this one that we talked about before. This is by far the easiest method to block calls on Samsung devices, even if there are other methods available. However, today we’ll show you how you can block unwanted calls on a Samsung phone (including Galaxy and Note), using the built-in method, which is something you may not know about.

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