On all my past Android phones in the dialer you could go to settings and see a list of numbers you blocked and add new ones to your blocked list. If you have the number in your contacts, you can go to that contact and from the menu select the number to be sent directly to voicemail. Originally Posted by Davidoo1 OK, no one has figured out how to block certain callers by phone number on this device?

Originally Posted by SMILEY MIKE I HAVE BEEN USING A CALL BLOCKER APP FROM devmain FOUND IN THE GOOGLE PLAY THERE ARE SEVERAL FREE APPS LIKE THIS Seems like a good app, is it ad supported & if so, is there an in-app purchase option to remove them? I wouldn't go back because of how good this beast is, but I guess I do miss some of the touchwiz features. I know I can block incoming calls from the Verizon website, but that is maxed at 5 and you have to reenter every 5 days.

People knock TouchWiz all the time, but it definitely provides some features that folks rely on.

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