How block calls android smartphone - youtube, Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on android devices. What caller hear block incoming calls , How can i block unwanted callers when my android phone doesn't seem to have the option for it?. How block phone number android phone, In guide, learn block phone numbers android smartphone.
Sometimes unknown numbers irritate you or some unknown person stalks you with different mobile numbers , at that stage you need a block number option in your mobile phone . From call log you can only blacklist those numbers which are already bothering you , go to call logs and locate the number from the history . Adding a number from call log can only restrict a number from making calls but when someone starts messaging you all the time you need to block that number from settings.Open your dialer and go to settings of your dialer ,in call settings find Blacklist turn it on and after turning it on you can simply add a number which is bothering you . Nikon Announces a new 800 mm Super-Telephoto Auto-focus Lens for Professional Photographers.
You'd think the ability to block calls from certain numbers would be built in to most phones by now, but that's certainly not the case with the iPhone.After dropping a few hundred bucks on a device, it'd be nice to be able to choose who you want to talk to, but beyond screening calls, there's no simple way to keep unwanted numbers from getting through. Step 1: Blocking Calls Through Your CarrierMost carriers offer a call block feature that allows you to create a list of numbers you don't want to hear from. Verizon WirelessIf you have a Verizon phone, you can block numbers by logging in to your account on their website.
SprintIf you have Sprint, you can block up to 50 numbers for free without adding any extra services to your account. T-MobileUnfortunately, T-Mobile does not currently offer the option to block calls and messages on individual lines.

Non-Jailbroken OptionsIf your iPhone isn't jailbroken, here are a few apps and services that let you manage and block calls from your device. Call BlissIn the iOS App Store, there's an app named Call Bliss that mimics Apple's own Do Not Disturb feature, but with some significant improvements.
Jailbroken OptionsIf your iPhone is jailbroken, there are some options available in the Cydia Store. Call BlockerCall Blocker is another Cydia tweak that lets you block specific numbers and also offers the option to block private or restricted numbers.
Step 3: Blocking Calls from TelemarketersIf you're being spammed or harassed by telemarketers, you can add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. What Do You Use?Know of a method, app or service for blocking calls on your iPhone that we missed?
Rite now in stock android firmware you don’t have such option as to block a specific number from calling you or messaging you .
From here you can manage your blacklist , when you delete any number from the blacklist it means that number is ok for making calls and messages . Here are a few ways to block someone from calling you on your iPhone if you're using iOS 6 or earlier, whether you're jailbroken or not. Some offer a limited number of blocks for free, but most require you to pay a monthly fee for permanent blocking or for more than five numbers.If you ask me, spam is spam, and we shouldn't have to pay our carriers to keep it away, but that's how it goes.
This feature is not available for iOS 6 or lower, but there are third-party apps and services that will allow you to do so from your device or computer. The basic plan gives you those two features for $3.95 a month, or you can upgrade to more expensive plans for additional features like voicemail transcription and the ability to record incoming calls.

If you don't activate the app right away, you'll have a 10 day free trial, so you can test it out and see if you like it before committing. You can download it free over on the Big Boss Repo, but it's only compatible with iOS 4 and 5, so it won't work on iOS 6 and higher. But when you use Nexus 5 and CyanogenMod 11 based custom ROM is running on it . You can able to blacklist a number and after blacklisting a number you can restrict that number , no call and no message .
Now your desired number is added to blacklist , added number will not able to make calls to you . In the blacklist you have options weather a number is restricted for call only or you can restrict it on both calls and messages. Most of them will start to comply after your number's been on the list for 31 days, but if you still keep getting calls, you can report them by filing a complaint on the registry's website.If you're getting spam text messages, if you have iOS 7, it's easier than ever to block them. There are two ways you can blacklist an unknown number or number who is teasing you or irritate you all the time. Alternatively, you can go to the Smart Controls information page and click Order Now on the right-hand side. One method is from settings and other method is from call log.Both methods are very easy , following is a guide on both methods .

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