You know how to control your browsing, but other people on your device or even on their own device might not know, especially kids.There can be many websites that might be spreading viruses, malware or just have explicit content not suitable for young brains.
You need to restrict access to these websites for the safety of your device and family members.Blocking access to a website is not that much of a big deal if you know how to do it.
Windows come with this feature built-in and there are also many tools that can help you block a specific website.In this Tutorial, we are going to show you how you can block websites on Windows and your Android phone.

Before editing this file you need to access the PC with an administrative access, so make sure you access as an administrator.
However, to make it easier to reach this location you can also copy this C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and paste it in My Computer search bar and press enter.
Just type the address of the website which you want to block under the heading “Location” and click on “OK”.

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