Customize your iPhone 4 with this high definition 640x960 Minecraft Grass Dirt Block wallpaper from HD Phone Wallpapers! You can also scan the QR code below with your phone to save the wallpaper directly to your mobile device.
The official version of Minecraft is coming to the iPhone and iOS platform later this year according to developers Mojang. Minecraft is not quite as mindlessly entertaining as something like Angry Birds, but it’s a ton of fun and highly addictive once you get the hang of it. Of course you’re probably wondering what it looks like to attempt access to restricted websites and search terms, and the two screen shots below demonstrate this. Parents, educators, and adults should also recall there are other Parental Control options in iOS too, for apps, TV shows, movies, and other content accessible through the App Store and iTunes Store. Not sure if this has just been changed, or what, but I’m pretty sure the settings actually work accross browsers. Is there an app that I can get alerts if a device in my household like iPads, iPhones or PC’s goes into adult websites? Can I disable the private application from an iPad and iPhones so I can see exactly but websites are visited?

With the new Apple News, there is a major content window that will allow any content to be viewed, even with restrictions on. Previously, an unofficial version of the popular game appeared on the app store before being pulled. You create things with boxes that represent different materials and elements in a three dimensional grid, and there’s two gameplay variations, one with monsters that are out to destroy your creation, and the other just a classic build mode.
Minecraft will also be coming to Android, according to kontaku, meaning you should be able to play multiplayer games across platforms too. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
That has changed with iOS 7, which makes it extremely easy to prevent access to adult themed web sites and general content that is deemed inappropriate for youth.
Throughout our testing it turned the web into a generally much more PG-friendly version, with occasional slip-ups possible through social media, though particularly enterprising youth may be able to find other ways around the filtration that we weren’t able to. It appears that Apple has a automatic filter layer to prevent direct access to many adult sites and mature web pages, but it also enables the various search engine based filtering options to prevent inappropriate terms from being queried independently, this is done through Google SafeSearch, Bing, and Yahoo, and possibly others, with the result being significant prevention of web searches for a wide variety of terms. Similarly, performing adult centric web searches are blocked directly, with nothing being returned for those terms.

If you plan on giving an iPhone or iPad to a child, it may be a good idea to go through and enable some of these restrictions, either to prevent access to inappropriate material, or even just to prevent accidental credit card charges by disabling in-app purchases, which can sometimes be borderline predatory in how they are aggressively used for many games aimed at kids. Another option would be to simply remove the third party apps in question, since they can be downloaded again easily if needed. Can I be linked automatically or remotely to an iPad or iPhone when someone visits adults websites?
The game has become a runaway hit and is considered by many to be one of the best indie game releases of all time. The web restrictions are very easy to toggle on and off and access to them is password restricted, which makes it perfect to quickly turn on before handing an iOS device off to a youngin’ for unsupervised use. It’s to find out if those sites were visited then the person with password is only allowed to delete any websites?

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