Avast -- an anti-virus software company -- asked 9,202 men and women in committed relationships whether or not they secretly check their partner's smart phone, and nearly one in five men and one in four women said "yes". The number one reason men said they snooped (26 percent) was because they suspected their partner was cheating on them. In the General Social Survey, which tracks how Americans think on a variety of issues, a majority of men and women both said that infidelity when married is always wrong — but more women agree. In the 1970s, those numbers were 63 per cent and 73 per cent respectively, so both men and women are more likely today to be anti-infidelity, and the gap between the sexes on the subject has narrowed over the time.
With Foursquare you are able to check-in to all the spots that are visible on the map for your area.

The app claims to have “Check-ins” from over 200 countries, so according their information the app is global. You can also like pages you are interested in to get latest information and location ideas.
The design is pretty cool and yet functional, it definitely has a juvenile touch to it, targeting the teenage audience.
Another 24 percent said they did it because they are simply nosey and 12 percent said they wanted to catch their S.O. At least 78 per cent of men think cheating is never okay when you're hitched, while 84 per cent of women share that sentiment.

However that makes it possible to check-in to a spot fairly far away from your actual location. We are a bit skeptical to the concept of check-ins, but a lot of people seem to enjoy it on Facebook.

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