Later in his tour Capt Larson added his Master Para, SF, Ranger, and CIB badges as well as 173rd SSI (which is incountry made!). It has a combat patch probably earned during combat jump in northern Iraq in 2003.AlexD, I just sent you a pm about the 173rd ABN modified DCU's.
He did not go into detail about the fighting but said they did not sleep for the first three days. During the war an average day was sixteen to twenty hours of patrolling and completing specific missions. I can not remember all the numeric names of the weapons, but I do know he carried a pistol and machine gun.
Shay said the Kurds, Turks, and Iraqi people were very nice and would offer them all they had.
The media in the States only shows the few bad people, but he said the majority were very thankful that the Americans had liberated them.

Many people's homes have nothing and only straw to sleep on, but they would offer it to Shay and his men. After a full days work they go to school for a couple of hours in buildings that have dirt floors, no windows, or any of the basic things we take for granted every day here in the states. Most are 17 to 20 and they are very proud of what they have done - cleaning up the towns and getting hospitals, schools, and basic city functions working that the Iraqi's have never had. Before the Americans arrived those who spoke against Sadam Hussein were killed along with their family.
Captain Howard and his men paved the way for a new- found freedom of speech for the Iraqi people. He mentioned that men who you normally would not be able to stand because of personality conflicts, you learn to love. These men love him and each would give his life for his buddy in a heartbeat without question.

Captain Howard would never answer and would respond that it wasn't an appropriate question. From his reaction I would suspect that any true warrior would not discuss or brag about that aspect of his job. Being a former teacher of Captain Howard, I have a special appreciation and love for him as do many other teachers at Forsan ISD. We all had a small part in molding Shay, but what an honor and privilege it is to see what he has done with his life.

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