Have you been looking all over the internet for the latest information on Iridium (9500 9505 9505a) satellite phones? We want a pages that we can refer to when you are in need for Iridium satellite phone related secrets, tips, articles, guides, or just plain information so you don't need to run in circles on the search engines looking for satellite phone from Iridium.
This is the place where you will find the latest satellite phone secrets , tips , articles , and the most up to date Satellite Phone resources and products available on the Internet today. Iridium mobile phones function as both cellular and satellite phones providing service in areas where many cellular and landlines may never go.
Motorola 9500The Iridium 9500 satellite phone is the first model of satellite phones released by Iridium. The Iridium SS-66K satellite phone is the first model of satellite phones released by Iridium.
SD-66K Iridium Dual Mode Adapter is Iridium satellite extension unit for KI-G100 GSM mobile phone phone. 9505 Portable Satellite Phone now smaller, lighter and more resistant to water, dust and shock than the previous offering, this satphone addition is ideal for industrial or rugged conditions, yet appealing to the traveling professional. Although the functions and features of the 9505a handset are the same as the 9505, there are some modification to the 9505 A to equipment and accessories. Motorla 9501 satellite pager from Iridium is the first wireless pager in history to provide total global coverage.
SP-66K Iridium Pager from Kyocera communicates with the Iridium MTNT satellite network to receive alphanumeric data and messages anywhere around world. The Motorola 9570 Portable Dock makes your Motorola 9500 or 9505 Iridium phone into a high-functionality speaker phone for your fixed site or boat.
Whether you're in need of a satellite-based mobile phone for travel or a fixed phone for remote but economical on-site communication, Iridium offers world-class products and services, including high quality voice, roaming and Short Messaging Service (SMS), and later in the year 2000 positioning, asynchronous dial-up fax and data services up to 9,600 bps. Iridium will also offer a portable satellite telephone in the $3,000 price range that also has the capability to work anywhere on Earth. The Iridium Satellite System is the only provider of truly global, truly mobile satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth (including oceans, airways and Polar regions). The IRIDIUM system is a satellite-based Personal Communication Services (PCS), or Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) system, supporting global, wireless digital communications. Iridium Satellite launched commercial global satellite communications services on March 28, 2001 with enhanced products and services.
Iridium is a consortium of leading international telecommunications companies originally established in 1991. Iridium meets the needs of cellular users who roam outside of coverage areas, people who work in remote areas where terrestrial systems do not exist, residents of under-served markets who can use Iridium's fixed-site phones to satisfy their needs for basic telephony, and international travelers who need to keep in constant touch. Unlike the geosynchronous satellites, which hover about the equator at an altitude of 35, 900kilometers ( 22,300 miles), the Iridium constellation of 66 satellites are in polar orbitalorbital an altitude of only 780 kilometers (485 miles). Iridium services allow customers to communicate virtually anywhere in the world, by offering a World Satellite (Telephony), World Paging and World Data Services.
The Iridium system provides true global communications coverage including oceans, and all land areas including the Poles. Iridium was initially envisaged as a constellation of 77 satellites oriented in 7 planes about the Earth with 7 satellites orbiting in each plane. For Jack Conroy, who flies an ambulance helicopter in Anchorage, Alaska, Iridium phones were a lifeline. As a one-way alternative to dial-up voice and data, Iridium Messaging allows you to communicate to subscribers located in the most remote areas of the world in a lowest-cost and efficient manner. Text MessagingIridium Messaging solutions are enhanced by the capability and flexibility of the Text Messaging features.
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This allows you to stay in touch from virtually anywhere with reliable voice and data services. The dual mode adapter is a device that integrates with three Kyocera cellular handsets to access the Iridium network and Iridium Satellite pager.
Irridium 9555 has significantly reduced size compared to previous Iridium handheld phone models, hand-friendly form and intuitive user interface.
When you can't be out of reach, satellite pager by Motorola receives all your messages over Iridium satellite constellation, wherever your travels take you. Iridium's mobile satellite phones, only slightly larger than traditional cellular phones, are built by three of the world's top wireless manufacturers, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Telit. While the pager is considered a passive device because it only receives signals, the satellite phone both receives and transmits signals and therefore falls under telecommunications laws. Through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operated by Boeing, Iridium delivers essential communications services to and from remote areas where terrestrial communications are not available. IRIDIUM provides voice, messaging and data services to mobile subscribers using handheld user terminals.
The Iridium constellation consists of 48 LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) satellites, with an additional four satellites in orbit as spares, and operates at an altitude of 876 miles (1414 km) in space. The LEO orbital configuration provides the following benefits over systems based on other orbital configurations: no significant transmission delays, small, handheld pagers and phones, (versus laptop-size terminals), lower transmit power resulting in longer battery life and complete global coverage . The Iridium system blankets the Earth, connecting global satellite coverage with local ground-based wireless services.
The satellites would cover a set portion of the Earth with coverage overlapping with other satellites providing near continuous and nearly global coverage. Each Iridium satellite has two Main Mission Antennas, long silver-coated teflon structures oriented 40 degrees from the axis of the satellite. These capabilities are available to any Iridium subscriber and provide great flexibility by giving you more ways to get in touch with your employees, operators, or loved ones.Paging ServiceWith an Iridium pager, such as the Motorola 9501, you can be reached virtually anywhere in the world. Short text messaging applications are widely available today, and, with an Iridium Telephone or Pager, this service can be an invaluable, dynamic solution for many of your communication needs.Iridium subscribers can receive 120-character messages direct to their Iridium equipment via the web or e-mail.
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It is from the number 77 that the name "Iridium" was chosen - element 77 on the periodic table. As the satellite passes overhead and passes into the right configuration with respect to the sun and a viewer on the ground, a brief bright flash of light occurs. Indoors or outside, in the office or on a plane, Iridium Paging Services are available everywhere your travels may take you.
20-digit numeric paging messages may also be sent by telephone via your Iridium phone number. In 1983, the minimum support facility was constructed, and in 1988, CCC’s 270 Level III was brought on line.
Not to be confused with a private placement memorandum or credit memo, a memo letter is a type of business letter used mostly for internal communication within a company, organization, or school. You might also be more creative with fonts and images (but don't get too carried away with that). For more information about themes and styles, you can look up those topics via the help system (F1). One example of a state where medical are preparation very as due of makes company, like "playing Russian roulette. Lower the back knee to the floor than you structure it losing while concerned with, especially women. We have created those pages on HighSpeedSat website because many our customers used to spend too much time searching for Iridium satellite phone information as well.
Please sit back, relax, and have a browse through the satellite phone resources we have made available for you on those pages.
Fixed phone options include models manufactured by Ericsson and Qualcomm, and public payphones, built by Schlumberger. Iridium currently provides services to the United States Department of Defense and launched commercial service in March 2001.

Callers who are unable to reach the subscriber on an Iridium handset for any reason will have the option of leaving a message. It was later decided to scale this constellation back to 66 satellites orbiting in 6 equally spaced orbital planes 421 miles high with 6 spacecraft in each group. These flashes ("flares") last only a few seconds but can be brighter than the planet Venus. Get all the benefits of Iridium Messaging in a small, functional package no bigger than a traditional, land-based pager. Up to five messages may be sent to your system every ten minutes, and up to 62 text messages may be held for retrieval by the Message Origination Controller (MOC) on the network at any given time.A single e-mail address is provided for your Iridium Telephone or Pager.
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Iridium Satellite LLC is focused on providing affordable, dependable, long-term global communications solutions.
The message will be delivered the next time the handset has line-of-site access to the satellite constellation.
The prediction and observation of these flares has become a rather popular sport for amateur astronomers with a number of websites dedicated to published tables and instructions. Unlike it's landlocked counterparts, Iridium Paging provides global coverage and is your best messaging tool for land, sea, or the air.Iridium paging services and equipment are extremely versatile and cost effective (even if you are not a world traveler). Quitting Marijuana from nothing jittery, all using as more a person an alternative fuel, and has medicinal value.
If not, what is here is only the best of the best information related to Iridium satellite phone products. Motorola decided to stick with the more marketable name "Iridium" even if its applicability to the size of the operational satellite constellation was no longer accurate.
As a stand alone system, an Iridium pager receives numeric pages or text messages and provides a sophisticated voice messaging system that will alert you wherever you are.When configured with an Iridium telephone in "Follow Me" mode, an Iridium pager is an extension of your total communications system.
Automated messages, such as tracking numbers, monitoring software information, weather reports, or system alerts, may be sent directly to a subscriber anywhere in the world within minutes.Dispatchers or Assistants can set up e-mail distribution lists to broadcast a single message to multiple recipients.
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Your Iridium telephone will dynamically configure your pager's service area and link all messaging services between the two.
This type of functionality enables the ultimate in dynamic configuration for your messaging needs or the development of your own internal applications.Text Messaging provides a robust system of communication with your units in the field at no additional cost to your Iridium service subscription.
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This type of configuration is invaluable for remote installations or other situations where a phone must remain behind while personnel operates about the area.In either configuration, Iridium Paging can become an indispensable tool for your operations. Send your important information with confidence as the Iridium network provides a high degree of redundancy and reliability.As with all of the Iridium satellite services, your communications are digitally encrypted and secure to accommodate your tracking information, account numbers, contact information, and any information that might be necessary for a multitude of tasks.
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