Step 3Log on to your cell phone provider’s text-messaging website to access text messages. Step 5Purchase a device that connects to your SIM card and computer, and recovers text messages. All In One PlaceAOL Voicemail helps you manage all your phones and messages – home, work and mobile – in one place. Keep in Touch AnywhereWhether you’re at home, at work or running errands - stay on top of all your phones and messages right at your PC or with a toll-free call to AOL Voicemail.
Next I got a long mail pointing out how honest this lady is and how keen she is to do business with nice and honest sellers like me.
The boat is of a local brand made for the Finnish market and totally unknown pretty much everywhere else. The buyer was extremely keen to pay and close the deal, but not to make any official papers that would prove her ownership. A common tactic throughout the conversation was to ignore questions and requests that were not part of the script.
The buyer had no problem “sending the money” even if the provided PayPal account was false. The scam includes sending a fake message from PayPal stating that the money is on hold until the shipping agent has been paid. The whole scenario match the very common scam where the victim is lured to pay money to someone and is promised more money later.
The background behind the replaced name does not have surface structure that is coherent with the rest of the passport. They didn’t apparently know how to scale pictures in Photoshop as the passport’s photo is smaller than the place reserved for it. If replacing part of a text line, make sure the new text is vertically aligned with the old text. The embedded metadata in the passport’s picture file reveals that it isn’t saved by a camera’s firmware.
The content of the optically readable bottom lines do not match the standard for passports.
When I finally got a signed contract, the signature bears no similarity to the signature in the passport, even if both are supposed to be signed by the same person.
This young lady in Mexico seems to have unusual working hours or staff that works shifts to answer her mail. The first threat mail arrive less than 48 h after the initial notification that “PayPal” has a pending transaction. At one point she started bargaining and suggested that I should send at least some money ASAP and the rest when I have got the money on my account. When the bargaining starts, she mentions that I can pay a smaller part first if I’m short on cash and need to borrow money. The core point for anyone who runs into cases like this is however to understand how the scam works. I also had a room for rent and the exact thing happened to me when I tried to cash the money order.
I just received the same text message asking for pay pal info to a add I posted to Craig’s list. We got a similar response to our ad on kijiji except this one came as a text asking me to contact his dad who would buy this vehicle and have it shipped to Poland!
This person contacted me 2 days earlier, claiming to be very interested about the Bike i am selling, not very concerned about the price or condition, but much rather concerned about getting my PayPal account info and PayPal e-mail address (why an e-mail address….
This time i decided to confront the scammer and in reply to his e-mail gave hime a step by step reply on how his scam works AND i gave him exact feedabck on his wherabouts ! This site contains some good advice for people who like to play around with scammers, and of course tons of fun stories.
Identity thieves try to trick you into revealing your password or other personal information through phishing emails and fake websites. I recently experienced a bait and switch operation by two Chinese companies whose names are referenced by many company listing sites (Chinese) on the www. Happened to me last night with my boat advertised on gumtree in the uk.Rang paypal for advice as it was way to dodgy to buy unseen.
I hope someone does something about this scum and can figure out any way at all to catch him.

Then after about 3 hours his friend the SGT MAJOR in the US ARMY contacted me and offered me $975!! One of my FAVORITE scams, because I had SO MUCH FUN messing with them, happened frequently here in Los Angeles about 20 years ago. I am an audiophile, so I know a lot of technical terms (and what some of them actually mean). So I have put my car up for sale and this guy called Steven Patrick emailed me straight away. It seems easier to send a text message because it gets delivered instantly and the recipient can respond almost simultaneously. The SIM card holds the phone’s information, such as phone numbers, photos and any saved messages.
For example, Verizon Wireless states that users who log on to their text messaging website to send and receive text messages can view or print content and replies for 120 hours after the original message has been sent. Your SIM card is connected to your cell phone number so when you place the card in another phone you can access your text messages.
But she can’t unfortunately do anything about the PayPal actions as the purpose of all that is to protect both the seller and buyer. It should really be the buyer who cares about the papers and the seller who cares about payment, and not the other way around. This fake is obvious if you know how PayPal works or know how to check the sender’s true mail address.
No previous mails do however contain any information about a deadline for the payment or anything about legal consequences if no payment is made. 20 minutes later I receive a mail form “PayPal” that clearly states that the full 3650 € must be paid before the funds are released.
Well, a couple of days ago I claimed that I had tried to transfer the whole sum, so it should be clear that I have the money. Googling key phrases will reveal the scam immediately and point to discussions and warnings that are several years old.
I posted an ad to craigslist and made my email address anonymous, but gave my cell phone number for contact info. After messing with them for awhile I replied to the person and said I don’t appreciated scams. I picked up on it when the email wasn’t really from paypal and the fact my paypal account remained empty.
If you cash a false cheque you may get the money, but the bank may later demand it back when the clearing cycle fails. I could gather from his reply that he was very startled and the proper English from his previous e-mails turned into “slang” and abreviations which are commonly used by teens who use mix-it and chat rooms ! A phishing attempt is what they describe in the reply and an overpayment scam is something totally different. De Villiers was a pseudonym used by a Titanic passenger (a survivor, no less!) whose real name was Bertha Antonine Mayne.
I guess they just pick some marketplaces for monitoring, and attack any seller that turns up. Features programmable rules, server deletion of emails (useful versus mails with attachments, they never reach your computer), and a BOUNCE option that creates a bounce message. It can be a distressing experience when your phone is broken and you have no way of checking the text messages that are being delivered.
She points out that even a smaller sum would be enough to release the payment into my PayPal account (ok, we are in the bargaining phase).
It doesn’t sound very convincing when selling a boat and the other part insists on talking about “the merchandise”.
She is using an address and phone number in Mexico for this deal but her passport is British. De Villiers” mentioned however earlier that one of the reasons why she couldn’t do wire transfers was that she was out boating. The faked mails from “PayPal” do however clearly state that it is PayPal who need the receipt to clear the transaction, and not the buyer. Interesting in a situation where the seller hasn’t made any legally binding commitments to relay money.
Looking up the name of the local police, or even using Europol, could have increased the scare-factor.

And once there you will find descriptions of this type of scam no matter how well the scammers have tried to eliminate discrepancies in their story.
Cars are 30% cheaper in the US so that was a huge red flag, on top of the distance, courier fees etc. If you have the scammers ISP detail you can contact them and obtain the account users’ information such as contact details etc. I just wonder how big their chances are to actually stop the fraud if they don’t know the difference between phishing and overpayment scamming. The scammer would need to know your login and password to PayPal or the on-line bank service too.
Before purchasing any of these devices, make sure that it is compatible with your device and carrier. At this point I decided that this blog post is becoming far too long and chose to not respond at all. Well, she could of course be cruising with a well-equipped boat, but buying mine would be a big step down in that case. They do mention the “World Law Enforcement Agency”, but selecting an existing agency might have been more effective. And the payment method used to collect your money is always irreversible and provides no security for the sender. This may be good advice against phishers, who just know the mail address but not the victims real name.
When it comes down to make a purchase they inform you they want the funds by TT payment and finally admit the company does not have any relationship with PayPal or credit card company. This scam works by tricking *you* to make a wire-transfer, which you obviously are not going to do.
The process may require your time, but getting your messages from your friends, family, and colleagues will be the reward. A Google search revealed that young ladies with an identical picture are living in at least two different places in US, but are using different names. The first thing that strikes the eye is that the new name is in a different font than the rest of the passport.
A lot of this seems to be done in volume so they must be dealing with a significant number of victims every day.
The most profitable tactic for them is maybe to run the scam en masse without caring about the details, and just harvest those who won’t get suspicious until it’s too late. The possible scam here is to get you to make a TT to a bank account their own personal account.
I will not bother you with all the details, so here’s a shortened version with all the important parts included. Their way to do business very quickly and easily may seem feasible for smaller bulk items, and may not ring the alarm bells in the same way as when dealing with bigger items. The core of the scam is that the money you are to receive is just a promise, but the money you transfer to someone else is real.
I received a bunch of emails in my junk folder about this guy being trust worthy and verified. My replies where more ordinary and the (automated?) replies looked more plausible in my case. Big or small item, it’s always a good idea to take a critical look at the whole case and look for discrepancies like this. So, I simply informed the, would be, buyer that I had a paypal account and I would send a payment request. At some point I’ll tell the scammers they have been scamed and the FBI has their check.
I lead him on with several other foreign terms, keeping up my excitement of owning these babies. When the payment cleared and I had cash in my hand, then and only then, would I release my RV to any shipping agent, to be received by a person whom I’ve never met and has never seen the RV, which she is buying. Think about what you need to be able to trust the other part, and be persistent about getting what you want.

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