Verizon completely change the way to buy a new iPhone since you last purchased a phone killing off two-year contracts for most buyers and switching to the Verizon Device Payment Plan model.
The most important thing to do is find out if you are eligible for an iPhone 6s upgrade on Verizon. Log in to your Verizon account or use a Verizon Upgrade check at Apple or simply dial #UPG on your Verizon phone to get a text message with your upgrade eligibility.
Here’s a look at where you can buy the Verizon iPhone 6s on contract, on payments and with other options. Now that you know the different ways you upgrade to the Verizon iPhone 6s, here is a look at the various prices you will pay for the iPhone 6s with these different plans. If you are eligible for an upgrade you may be able to get a credit towards the iPhone 6s if you stay on your current plan. Any customer can walk into most retailers and buy the iPhone 6s at full price to use on the Verizon network. You need to be eligible for an iPhone 6s upgrade and this locks you into Verizon for another two-years.

If you choose to use this plan you can easily upgrade to the iPhone 7, or whatever the new iPhone is in 2016. After comparing all the plans and options there is no single best way to buy the Verizon iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. There is no best way to buy the Verizon iPhone 6s, but there are some options that are better than others.
With a payment plan or paying full price you also get access to the new Verizon Data Plan that offers cheaper line access to your data that may bring down the monthly amount paid for service, because you are now paying for your phone. A Verizon two-year contract appears cheaper up front, but you pay more for your data plans and cannot upgrade early.
Many users are still on a two-year contract or Verizon Edge and will need to wait until that contract ends or until they pay off a set amount for their current phone. This option requires consumers pay for the full price of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, but it is split out over 24 months with no interest.
You can buy the iPhone 6s at full price from Verizon, Best Buy, the Apple Store and likely at retailers like Target.

This is available online and in store at Verizon and Best Buy is still offering Verizon iPhones on a two-year contract.
The monthly payment plan options and paying full price are better for many users than the Verizon two-year contract plans. Most users should transition to one of the new buying options, even if that means leaving a $200 upgrade credit behind. The prices listed below are the monthly payments and add up to within a few cents of buying the iPhone 6s at full price.
Be aware of these prices as Best Buy charges $100 more for an off contract iPhone 6, and may do the same for the iPhone 6s. Buy paying full price up front or split into payments you have more flexibility to upgrade or to switch carriers and the price difference for the iPhone Upgrade Plan is worthwhile considering the AppleCare+ inclusion.

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