Mobile banking users with smartphones check their accounts on average 18-20 times a month – compared to an average of six times a month for those accessing their accounts via online banking. This is but part of a selection of consumer experiences russellwebbdesign generated for credit card payment concept ideas. If you use a pre-paid SIM, you can check your balance at any time by sending an SMS with the text "ye" to the number 10086. If you have a data plan, you can send an SMS with the text "1091" to 10086, and you'll receive a reply stating how much data you've used and how much is remaining. That all works fine but how do I check it from outside China when the phone is not connected please?

I ntried to send a message like some people said but because i do not have balanced I cannot send Any ideas? Texting 111 to 10086 worked for me to get my balance, it’s in Chinese but you can see the money amount. The problem is that i do not understand Chinese and when i translate the message through Bing Translate it shows some value which is in millions of dollars and i almost have a heart attack every f*****g time.
Developing brand ID, successful integrated campaigns and design for online experiences across many industries including financial, petroleum, home entertainments, telecoms, FMCG and retail. Checking my balance worked with your tip, but i cannot check on how much mb i got left for the rest of the month.

I have found the same thing last month too when the balance shows the same amount for awhile and then suddenly dropped a bunch.

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