To call out from an Iridium, Inmarsat, or Thuraya satellite phone, the caller needs a clear view of the sky and the phone should be registered to the satellite network. To call an Iridium, Inmarsat, or Thuraya satellite phone, the caller needs to enter the international dialing code (i.e. GRC Ltd and Network Innovations secure world’s first commercial Global Xpress Enterprise customer.

Product DescriptionEnjoy a piece of history, and have some fun.This high-quality, heavy-duty phone was originally made for hotel use. How quick could one dial a 10 digit mobile number in that finger wheel with a nice collection of zeros? For Iridium, the number would begin with 8816 followed by eight digit phone number, Inmarsat begins with 870 followed by nine digit phone number, and Thuraya begins with 882 16 followed by an eight digit number.

In addition to the prefix and phone number, callers must know and use international dialing codes.

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