We found five of the hottest trending Chrome extensions for this month, all of which are designed to make your online life that much better. Anyone who goes on the Internet knows that it can sometimes be cluttered with so many ads and other distractions that it becomes hard to read any articles at all. Does it drive you nuts that some sites disable the option for you to right-click on something, like an image?
This trending extension for Chrome comes full of great features for YouTube users, from the AutoHD feature and ad blocking to volume control with one’s mouse wheel, cinema mode (with custom color themes), one-click snapshots and much more.
ABOUT BRAND THUNDERBrand Thunder interactive themes are available for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music, publishing and the most popular browsers.
As we all know, you'll typically have to listen to some type of message or wait for the answering service to pick up before you can dial.
Open your iPhone address book and click edit on the contact you'd like to add an extension to. Bonus tip: If you tap Wait instead of Pause, you'll get a hard break -- shown with a semicolon -- which means you need to hit the Dial button again for it to continue. HHA Optimizer Lite Speed Dial Extension BracketThe HHA Speed Dial Extension Bracket provides extra clearance for some rope cocking devices and for crossbows with wider stocks. The SIP account has been registered successfully, and you can dial the ordinary telephone number. Now when you dial that saved contact from your iPhone address book, it will automatically pause and dial the extension!
This feature exists in all versions of iOS for iPhone, though it may look slightly different in modern versions vs prior versions of the Contacts and Phone app.
I was chatting away with EvilGreenDonkey and he told me about a Firefox script that he found called speed dial, so i installed away and now i am loving it. There is more though, you can tell speed dial to keep checking these sites every x minutes, hours, or days.
I find it really handy to keep up to date on whats happening on Digg, Reddit etc, you can also add your Gmail or Hotmail accounts in to the mix and you have a handy way of seeing when you get new mail etc. I bumped into an acquaintance on the weekend that I haven't seen in a long time, and before parting ways we did the good 'ole exchange of contact information.
So this one is interesting and you'll want to do some quick testing to see how your device tretas the X.

When it comes to dialing extensions, I sort of wish RIM would just put a extension field with the contacts app itself (especially with the work fields), so you could fill it directly without the need for hitting the menu key and or inserting an X. From extensions that making reading and watching videos easier to finding ways to organize all of your favorite pages and bookmarks, these are the best solutions to some of your most pressing Google Chrome needs. With Readability, users can create a comfortable reading view by disabling surrounding web page clutter.
By resetting the oncontextmenu to its default setting on many elements of the page, this extension restores the context menu that you have so often missed.
There is even the ability to hide comments, which, if you’ve ever read the comments on some YouTube videos, might be the best thing about this. This extension has sought to fix that by offering fast access to one’s most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history. I use the ,, (2 commas) to give the recording a chance to start and then dial the extension. DTMF Relay Setting has three options: SIPInfo, RFC2833, InBand, and the default RFC2833 is applicable in most situations.
Essentially this allows you to add the extension number to a contact number, and when that contact is dialed, the extension will automatically dial after the call is answered by the automated phone system. For example, here’s how it looks prior to the overhaul of IOS, but the button and feature works exactly the same, regardless of appearance.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! You basically add the sites that you want to keep updated on and then whenever you open a new tab they are all their to be easily clicked.
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It's not really standard lingo considering most people think of dialing either extensions or passwords or menu option numbers after the main number is called. When a wait is inserted, you'll receive a prompt on the screen asking you to either dial the saved extension, skip it, or end the call. Playing with some of the BlackBerry smartphones lying around me, it seems RIM has changed things up a bit. You can completely customize the page’s design, along with exporting and syncing your settings to other devices.

There are so many uses for this as you can imagine, and it can really help to navigate through phone menu systems.
How this works in practice is the number dials, waits for an answer from the automated phone system, and then the extension dials automatically to connect you to that extension. I didn't want to send him my full vcard, so dictated him my office line to save directly into his address book. This is very handy - in the case where the initial connection may be slow and three seconds is not enough (while roaming) you can wait until you're connected before dialing the extension. On my Curve 8900 for example, when I save an extension with a contact and use an X it's equivalent to inserting a pause.
With that in mind, now is the best time to update your extensions in Chrome; you might just find the one that will completely change how you use the Internet. Speed Dial 2 even provides in-depth browsing statistics that will show you just how you spend your time online. When I gave him my extension, I got a little miffed to see him hit the menu key and then the Add Pause option before typing in the extension digits. With your favorite pages, apps, bookmarks and history all in one place, this is what the new tab page was meant to be. I have found the Add Pause to not be perfect though in the case of using it for saving an extension, especially when roaming.
On my BlackBerry Tour however, when I save a contact with an X before the extension, it actually prompts me when calling to either dial the extension or skip it (same as Adding a Wait). I'm guessing RIM has switched to X equallying a Wait instead of a Pause on newer OS builds, but am not quite sure what the verdict is here.
If you add pauses side by side the totals will sum up (two three-second pauses will count down from six, vs.

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