Mobile, technology, apps, social sharing, networking, emails, games, WhatsApp, now take up a major part of our digital lives. StealthGenie is an exclusive monitoring app that can tell you the GPS location of your mobile in case it is lost. The app also allows you to send a remote command to your phone to lock it, and if the need arises to remotely wipe it as well. The app also allows users to set up geo-fencing parameter on the phone, using which you can mark some places as red-zones. SeekDroid is only available for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher, so users still stuck with an older Android OS can’t use it. While Lookout Mobile Security is known for its antivirus capabilities, the app also offers some good location gathering features as well. Do you know that adrenalin rush that slowly manifests itself in your body when you realize that something is not were it’s supposed to be?
Before I start showing you how to find your lost phone, I want to add that this method isn’t always successful.
After the login, a map is displayed and Find My Phone should start locating your phone automatically. In case you lost all hope and fear that someone else might go through all private data on your phone, you have the option to wipe all data and revert everything back to factory settings. This feature is almost completely useless; it rarely works and when it does it takes forever.
You shouldna€™t throw away electronics in the trash, you should dispose of them responsibly. The tech that took up an entire room three decades ago, now comfortably sits in your pocket. With an 18.4-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy View is the largest Android mobile device on the market to date. Every Android user out there is sick and tired of hearing these annoying, completely outdated, and downright condescending remarks.
Even if you use iCloud, I strongly recommend that you check right now if Find My iPhone is enabled on your device(s). If your iPhone was lost or stolen, the first thing you should do is to put your device in Lost Mode.
Lost Mode will allow you to passcode protect the device (if it wasn’t before), and add a personal message and phone number to the Lock screen. The best part of Find My iPhone is that it automatically enables Activation Lock, a feature that prevents anyone from restoring your device and activating it to make use of it. Assuming you have enabled Find My iPhone and took the time to put it in Lost Mode, the next thing you want to do is to locate your device. If you believe you lost your iPhone around the house, you can simply play a sound on the device, directly from the Find My iPhone app. Find my iPhone has a feature that lets you locate a device on the map, and even get turn by turn driving directions to it. Obviously, for all this to work, your device has to be on and online, whether it is via Wi-Fi or cellular. If all attempts to recover the device have failed, your very last resort should be to erase all the data contained on it to make sure it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.
Worth noting is that even if you erase the device remotely, the person who stole or found it will not be able to do anything with it. While this might not prove to be really effective, it doesn’t hurt to report your lost or stolen device to your local authorities. Your iPhone might have been somewhat secured thanks to Lost Mode, but your SIM card can still be used in a different device to make phone calls, send text messages and use data. My phone fell out of my pocket when crossing a street, got ran over by a car, and then picked up by some bikers.
Important: Erasing your iPhone should be your last resort because once it’s been erased, you will not be able to use Find My iPhone to locate it.
Had one stolen, ipad mini, disappeared off of the Apple missing device database after a week.
Yes we had number strategy we began consuming and police move people start providing people shit. My Mother and Sister lost their purses, wallets, some cash, checks, credit cards, ID’s, and their phones.
GadgetTrak – Is an app that can be used on several electronic devices, laptops, phones, tablets etc. Learn from my situation, get some type of tracking app in your phone or tablet immediately. A mother of one, she and her husband took their teenage daughter on vacations to US Virgin Islands along with one of her friends. You might also need such an application, in case you happen to lose your phone, or if it gets stolen. Here is a list of 5 best apps that can tell you the location of your phone, help you lock or remotely wipe it, should the need arises. In order to track your phone, you need to log on to SG control panel from any device and you can see the exact location. This particular functionality set is extremely important, if you the phone you lose has a lot of personal or confidential data on it.
The app will automatically alert you via email and sms, if the phone ever enters the red marked parameter.

This app too allows you to send a text message to the phone, in order to track its GPS location. This app also ensures its users safe web browsing, protection from malware and helps in order to find lost or stolen devices.
I hope by using any of these apps you can keep your Android Phone secure, specially when you have saved confidential data in it and you can’t find it.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. If, according to the map, your phone is in hearing distance, you should be able to find it that way.
It seems to use SMS and compared to iOS or Android its just a joke and its so bad that my whole family have moved away from Windows Phone so that we can actually see where they are. This infographic explains why you should that and presents some useful advice on how to do that.
You can do so many things with your smartphone that, if this was 1985, it would amount to millions of dollars. This is particularly true when it comes to expensive items that contain a considerable amount of private information, such as your iPhone or your iPad. In this post, we will share with you some of the actions you can take to prepare your iPhone or iPad, and to protect it in case it is lost or stolen. Once enabled Find My iPhone will let you locate, track, lock and even completely wipe your iPhone in the event it’s been lost or stolen. Opting you in this feature by default is Apple’s way to make sure you have at least a basic level of protection without requiring you to do anything specific.
This way, if someone finds your phone, they can immediately call to let you know they found it. If your device is in Lost Mode, no one will be able to restore the device or use it as their own, making it completely useless for everyone but you. We’ve seen quite our share of horror stories related to Find My iPhone, so don’t be a hero!
Of course, if you followed the step above to put your device in Lost Mode, your data is supposedly safe, but it’s still physically on the device. When you remotely erase the device, you pretty much understand you’re never going to see it again. If they try to activate the phone, they will get stuck as they’ll need your Apple ID and password to proceed. You might have to spend a while at the police station to get it done, but if they ever find your device, they will be able to trace it and give it back to you. This is why we strongly recommend calling your carrier as soon as possible and reporting your device as lost and make sure they deactivate your account.
If it isn’t you probably want to go after the perpetrator though or perhaps call the police? Little did I know Find my iPhone would find the clowns that robbed our house and get them time in juvy.
When we realized my phone was missing, we used find my iPhone on my boyfriends phone, tracked my moving phone into the next city and to the exact house it had been taken to!
Additionally, as long as the device is on and connected to the internet, you will be able to track its location with Find My iPhone. A lot of people leave their phones, wallets, and purses behind instead of putting them in a locker or carrying them around.
Please consult your financial advisor for specific recommendations regarding your personal situation. The mother was well aware that the teens would want to explore some areas all by themselves.
The very fact that smart phones have become such an integral part of our lives, makes the cost of losing them all the more high, not just in dollar terms but for emotional and personal privacy reasons as well.
Moreover if the mobile is switched off, you can even check its location history, the service records the places your device has been at. After logging into the web interface, you can lookup your device on a map, remote wipe it, set off an audible alarm and more.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. If you can’t necessarily prevent losing your iPhone or even worse, having it stolen from you, there are however some steps you can take to ensure that in the eventuality such thing would happen, you will be completely ready to handle the situation. If you believe your iPhone was stolen and you track it down to a certain location, we highly suggest you do not confront the thief but call the police instead. The sooner you do this, the quicker you make sure no one is going to make expensive calls on your dime.
When I arrive at home, I used another idevice to find it and it was… in the same coconut store!
We walked up and knocked, showed the girls who had taken my phone that we knew it was there (nicely) and the look on their faces was priceless!
They told us concerning the stabbing and that at ATT you cant consume when dodgers are in town. Criminals capitalize on this and go slithering around gym parking lots looking for exposed valuables. This app allows you to locate your phone on a map, remotely lock your device, play a sound, and display a message.
Once you activate the app it sends you periodic location reports so you can track the movement of your device.

All references to interest rates, giveaways, deals, products, and websites can change without notice.
Her husband initially disagreed, but only gave up, once the kids agreed to install a tracking app (StealthGenie in this case) on their phones. The threat of falling a victim to identity theft, or having personal information leaked online is very real these days.
With Where’s My Droid installed in your mobile, you can send an attention text to your phone that will turn the volume high and make it ring, even if it is on low ringer. This app will continue to work, if someone steals your phone and manages to change the SIM card.
The carrier might also be able to add your device to a database of lost and stolen devices. Thankfully it was running iOS7 and secured with a passcode, so they wouldn’t have been able to wipe and reuse it even if they wanted to. You could tell they were absolutely shocked that the phone had been tracked down, and we couldn’t have gotten to their house more than five minutes after they arrived. They were coming out of their gym when my mother noticed bits of glass on the ground near their car. The only problem is that your phone needs to be on and connected to the internet or the app won’t work.
It can also use cell phone towers and wifi to track your device so you won’t have to worry about it losing its internet connection.
I try to keep the information on this site current, but things change, deals expire, circumstances may be different now than when they were first published.
According to BI intelligence, in terms of market share, Android has the lion’s share of the pie vs every other smartphone operating system. Follow the sound to find your phone; when you find the phone, hit the power button and the ringing will stop. My quick thinking immediately signed into icloud and tracked the ipad right to the kids house. They gave me my phone back with some shoddy “Oh we found it and were going to turn it into the store” story, and we went on our merry way ?? As someone who has had a phone stolen before, this app is so wonderful!! Leave your valuables at home, secure them in a locker, or the very least put them in the glove box or the trunk. The best part about this app is that you can do it right now, it’s free and it literally takes seconds. The cherry on top for this app is that it allows you to snap pictures of the would be thief with your phones camera. With so many people using Android phones every day, it is only natural to consider that many more people are now susceptible to losing them, than before. The parents, on the other hand, had a peace of mind, because they could look at their exact location, till they reached back the hotel safely. Perhaps your Android isn’t somewhere in your home, perhaps you left it someplace or perhaps someone stole it. If you phone leaves your campus or school ground the app would notify you and you could use it to locate whoever has your device. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of Android apps which can help you locate, lock and remotely wipe your Android handsets, should you ever lose it.
Thankfully there are some ways to find your phone even if you haven’t installed any anti-theft or tracking apps. If that is the case, you can use Android Device Manager to locate your missing phone, to remotely lock your phone , and to remotely erase all data on your phone. He rolled on the other kid involved and saved us time and worrying wondering who these people were that robbed us. None of our other stuff was recovered (we figure they ditched it somewhere), but karma got them. Please learn from my mistakes and prepare from the possibility that your phone might be lost or stolen.
Visit the Android Device Manager website, sign into your account, and you’ll be able to locate, ring, lock, and erase your phone from within the browser. They’re currently in legal battles defending themselves over this issue and their priors. Install the Android Device Manager app on an Android device and you’ll be able to use that device to locate, ring, lock, and erase your phone.
Speaking about Google Play, click the cog icon from the upper right hand corner and you’ll be presented with, among other things, the option to access Android Device Manager. After a connection with your Android is established, your phone’s location will be displayed on the map.
If you lose your Android, go the Find My Mobile website, sign into your Samsung account, and choose to locate or to ring your phone. If you suspect your Android ended up in the wrong hands, you can use Find My Mobile to remotely lock, to remotely wipe your phone, and more.

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