Whether you’re starting your business or trying to grow it, we want you to have the tools you need. Taking a holiday vacation in the Philippines is more fun as the Department of Tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” implied. I write this article to warn our tourist and also the regular OFW to victimize by some taxi driver that is not playing even. When I first took a vacation, I took a taxi after I go out of the arrival waiting area, outside the waiting area there are so many barkers asking if I need a taxi.
When I arrived at my destination in Cubao I’m shocked because the meter shows about 1,500 pesos. The thing that I don’t like in the airport is the mentality of some people there that asking for tip for any services that they made, thinking that people from abroad are rich without knowing what are the suffering they make when they are far from their home country.
Just like in other career option, there are several factors that may affect the dental assistant salary, including your education, experience, location, and the amount of jobs assigned for you.
You may have heard from someone that you only need your high school diploma to be eligible as a dental assistant.
Once you’ve finished your dental assisting education (typically for about a year), you are now have a better chance on landing that job. The average Registered Dental Assistant salary in United States is around $37,000 per year, but RDA with no experience earns somewhere between $24,000 to $30,000 per year.

I hope through this post you can learn how to find registered dental assistant jobs in United States! We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, both past and present, and celebrate their cultural contribution to society. If you are a tourist or a simple “balikbayan” Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and you don’t have service or car going to your destination from the airport, finding a registered airport taxi is very important. This is based on my experience and I don’t want to happen to anybody, especially the OFW that worked hard far from their family just to give them a comfortable life by saving every penny that they earned. I took a yellow taxi because I am thinking that it is also a registered taxi, when I get inside the taxi and start running I noticed that the meter is counting very fast, I asked the driver why your meter is like that, he tells me that airport taxi is different than a regular taxi. I learned from that experience and every time I took a vacation, I find a genuine registered taxi. While this is true for very few states, most of the Dental Assistant Boards in the majority of the states require you to have some form of training or short education. You can then submit your registration to your state’s Dental Assistant Association so that you can become a Registered Dental Assistant.
Therefore you need to make a good resume and cover letter (we’ve discussed this here. To nail this, we’ve provided some tips and the common interview questions asked for dental assistant position.

To increase your chance of getting the registered dental assistant job fast, you may want to consider applying for the same position in several dental offices. However, if you’re not in a hurry to get a job then we recommend going with dental hygienist instead, which is gaining more and more popularity these days.
Many people think that working in health care industry will automatically earn you more money than working in other jobs fields.
This dental assisting education is obtained from various dental schools, but we recommend choosing the one that’s been accredited. It may also help to know that some states also require the DA to become a Certified Dental Assistant. It is also well known that some of the dental assistants are working part-time, but there are still some dental clinic that hires the dental assistant as a full time employee.

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