Each of these men were married, with young Harrison having married on 7 May, 1862, just four months prior to his enlistment.
The Battle of Port Gibson was in the southern theater of this map and marked the opening of this great campaign.
It appears that all four of the Easley brothers survived the terrible battles associated with this very bloody campaign. That autumn, following the Vicksburg Campaign, Pleasant Easley became incapable of any additional fighting action. In an email from a distant cousin, Jack Easley, a grandson of Pleasanta€™s brother, John Young Easley, (dated 1 July 2012) he stated that Pleasant Easley was hospitalized for a€?Epigastrocelea€? which is a hernia in the upper abdominal region. The Veteran Reserve Corps (originally the Invalid Corps) was a military reserve organization created within the Union Army during the American Civil War to allow partially disabled or otherwised infirmed soldiers (or former soldiers) to perform light duty, freeing able-bodied soldiers to serve on the front lines. As the war went on, it proved that the additions to the Corps hardly equalled the losses by discharge or otherwise, so it was finally ordered that the men who had had two years of honorable service in the Union Army or Marine Corps might enlist in the Invalid Corps without regard to disability.
We understand that from Vicksburg, Pleasant was sent north to a hospital in Quincy, Illinois.
As noted here, Jack Easley understood that Pleasant died in this hospital, but the records do not state that.

Again, from the above Civil War record, there is no indication of his death while serving in the US military.
Just two years later, however, Pleasant died, on 15 April 1872, age 49, and was buried in the local cemetery in Thayer, KS. Kansas had a State Census in 1875 and in that one we find his family still living in Neosho Co., KA, but without either of their parents.
As noted here, Jack Easley understood that Pleasant died in this hospital, but the records do not state that.A  Instead they say that he was a€?transferreda€? on 15 April 1864, but do not indicate where he was transferred.
Just two years later, however, Pleasant died, on 15 April 1872, age 49, and was buried in the local cemetery in Thayer, KS.A  His wife, Louisa Sinclair Easley, died the following year on 16 Sep. The soldiers shown in the rosters of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment (where they originally enlisted) and who then transferred to the V. 1842, to Louisa Sinclair, the daughter of James Clark Sinclair and Rebecca Parks.A  Pleasant was the second of eleven children born to William Pyrant Easley and Jane W. 12, 1862, he, along with three of his brothers, enlisted in Company K of the Illinoisa€™ 124th US Infantry Regiment.A  They were mustered in at Camp Butler, near Springfield, IL on Sept.
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Easley both seemed to have survived their three year tour of duty and were mustered out of the Army on 15 Aug.
The men serving in the Veteran Reserve Corps were organized into two battalions; the First Battalion including those whose disabilities were comparatively slight and who were still able to handle a musket and do some marching, also to perform guard or provost duty. The Second Battalion was made up of men whose disabilities were more serious, who had perhaps lost limbs or suffered some other grave injury.
The Invalid Corps of the Civil War period was created to make suitable use in a military or semi-military capacity of soldiers who had been rendered unfit for active field service on account of wounds or disease contracted in line of duty, but who were still fit for garrison or other light duty, and were, in the opinion of their commanding officers, meritorious and deserving.
These later were commonly employed as cooks, orderlies, nurses, or guards in public buildings.

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