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As a family member or friend you can OPT IN or invite a person to follow you on Find My iPhone.
The story raises how powerful mobile technology can be to assist law enforcement – perhaps even a life saved – shame Apple has a policy of obstructing that.
But if the family member is not on that – will Apple assist the police with the location or will they obstruct the police and let the kidnapper carry on ? Check out that smooth talk down there… now Apple is the entity responsible for the kidnapper. If they shared the same apple id account then of course she could track down the device on the account.

This is the kind of thing that would have to go away if Apple breaks the encryption for the FBI. There are people who never harmed a soul who got caught with plant clippings or powders and they get NO bail — this degenerate kidnaps a teenage girl and would have done god knows what to her gets a bail that low? To be fair, he also seems like a fairly incompetent kidnapper, if he left her alone with a cellphone. Well long story short I used it with the satellite map to guide me to right were they were ant and get them back safely. Much like Latitiude on the Android platform, FMF allows users to find their friends using the GPS location generated by their iPhones.
According to texts he received from his wife, she claimed to be in the meat packing district of New York, but FMF had her pegged in the Upper East Side, the total opposite direction. There have been many stories talking about how people have tracked victims down using the geotag in a picture or a text, or how houses have been robbed when someone has posted to Facebook that they have gone out for the day and their address is in their public profile.
Information privacy is already a huge issue, and with social networking expanding the electronic umbrella over your life, steps need to be taken to ensure that personal info is not getting into the wrong hands. FMF has some settings inside of it like Latitude that allows you to give only a city-level location to a friend. It will be interesting to see if the husband in this story will post any outcomes or results. Once you've completed this, there will be a prompt asking you if you want to sign up for "Find My iPhone." Again, you do. If your iPhone is lost, and you think you're in the room with it, you can make it sound an alarm.
The bottom two features -- "Remote Lock" and "Remote Wipe" -- are security features for when you leave your Apple device in a public place or somewhere that a stranger could get his or her hands on it.
Apple debuted the Siri virtual assistant, a voice-controlled interface designed exclusively for the iPhone 4S. They named the kidnapping suspect as 18-year-old Joseph Boller, whose bail has been set at $150,000. Given that it’s not uncommon for parents to hand down older iOS devices to kids without a working SIM, a smart move could be to add a cheap SIM to the device from a company like FreedomPop. Also, the FBI’s proposed mechanism to crack an on-device password would not work to crack an iCloud password. Never mind that giving out A PASSWORD (had that even been the case) doesn’t compare even REMOTELY to HACKING AN ENTIRE PHONE by ANY stretch of the imagination.
If she had a different account, then family sharing let’s family members share their location with each other. The man in question gave his wife an iPhone 4S as a surprise, then used it to track where she was.

The husband claims that this confirmed some suspicions about his spouse cheating with someone uptown. Meaning if you are in Boston, they will see that you are in the general vicinity of the city, not your exact location. You've got five icons to choose from, and clearly we want "Find My iPhone," the old-school RADAR looking one. In that black rectangle that shows where your iPhone is, there is a little letter 'i' inside a blue circle.
With Remote Lock, you can set a numerical password from afar that will prevent others from using your phone or tablet without the code; Remote Wipe, meanwhile, erases all of the data, information and media on your device, if you're concerned about privacy. Siri lets the user schedule calendar events and reminders, set alarms, find information about local businesses--just by asking. They did not have to rummage through all of the encrypted secure messages on every phone in the western world in order to bring this case to a good outcome? The husband posted all this to the MacRumors forum, so the story cannot be totally confirmed, but it is an illustration of how much info mobile devices can give out. There is also a cool addition that is specific to the iPhone that allows users to share their location for a one time event, meaning that you can give someone your location for a set amount of time, which is pretty handy.
Once the software has been successfully downloaded to your device (and this could take hours, depending on the crunch on Apple's servers), it will automatically reboot.
How do you find your iPhone when it is lost in the quagmire of your living room or basement? When you click that RADAR icon, you'll be taken to a map that should show where your iPhone is. It works well, it's free and you should probably download it before you lose that Apple device of yours.
Though you may not see a need to back up your address book, iCloud is worth its zero dollar price tag for Find My iPhone alone, for the time, money and frustration it could save you in the future. Well one of my old classmates and a few others who were all totally blind were comming back frome one of the other buildings and got turned around and went the wrong way. No more tearing apart couch cushions, no more begging a friend or loved one to call your phone for you: Find My iPhone takes care of that instantly, and it doesn't make fun of you for having lost your phone again. Select "Use iCloud" and sign in with your Apple ID (the email address and password you use for the iTunes store). Lucally we both had iPhones I told him stay put an download find friends and accept the request I’m about to send.

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