Today in this article, I am going to explain about three best anti-theft android apps that helps you to track lost mobile phone. There is no guarantee that mobiles can be traced, but there will be a better chance to get it back or at least you can delete your personal info from your mobile.
If you lost your mobile or somebody stolen it and cannot find it, you can text a custom attention code so that you can hear your phone ringing though it is in silent or vibrate mode and collect it.
If it is around you and cannot not hear it, you can get GPS location and can be linked to Google maps. Cerberus is a complete android anti theft application which helps to recover the lost or stolen android mobile phone.
Of course, there are a handful of such apps but only a few have the reputation to do what they promise. It is perfect to watch over kids, keep an eye on the employees through their corporate cell phones and to spot any disloyal spouse or partner acting dubious.
No matter what the cause is - mSpy comes in handy for your every need to avoid a mobile phone being completely non-traceable. It's already proven useful in catching thieves, with several high-profile stories linking to the app, which is a must have for any iPhone lover.
This mobile tracking app does exactly what the name claims: makes spying on other phones, tracking to be exactly, as flexible as possible.
Designed for busy parents trying to protect their children from any misdemeanors, the software is incredibly user friendly.
It does similar things as the previously mentioned mobile phone tracking tools, tracks where the target phone is via GPS, keeps documents and sends notifications. It is great for parents and employers who are always trying to find out what is going on under their noses.

Since it keeps the tracker updated with the location, call logs, contact list, conversations (via messages, IMs, e-mails) as well as the files stored and shared through the phone, parents and employers can easily see if there is anything unusual or inappropriate going on. Another one particularly designed for parents, this mobile tracking tool has a high reputation.
Those who are faced with the dilemma of using mobile tracking tools might see it as a controversial measure, but when it is aimed to protect people we care about, it sometimes can’t hurt to know of their whereabouts. Millions of phones get lost or stolen constantly, and usually there’s not much you can do about it other than to try and go back and find it. Before you use Find My iPhone, you have to set it all up first, which is something that most new iPhone owners neglect to do. Once the Find My iPhone app finishes installing, you’ll have to enable the Find My iPhone service in the settings. Once you have Find My iPhone enabled, you’re all set up to locate and manage a lost or stolen iPhone. From the app, you can see where your device is located on a map, and you can even get turn-by-turn directions to it.
Lost Mode provides options for locking the device with a 4-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number right on the lock screen, and you can also remote wipe your iOS device to make sure none of your personal information gets in the wrong hands; a stolen iPhone is bad, but access to your passwords is even worse.
The service works through Apple’s iCloud service, which is used to store and sync files through the cloud between all of your Apple devices.
Next, tap on the Search tab at the bottom and type in Find my iPhone; it should be the first result that pops up. It lets you do the exact same things that you can do with the app, only it’s a full-screen web app of sorts. People prefer Android mobiles which can be used as a camera, album, alarm, personal diary, internet connected device and many more filled with our very personal details.

Almost all the leading smartphone app-stores have plenty of such apps available, in both paid and free options. Prefers to write about cell phone tracking software, cutting-edge tech solutions and innovative gadgets.
However, phone manufacturers are adding ways for owners to track and manage their phones if they ever get lost or stolen. This global lost and found system even works with the mobile device off and with no charged battery.
If you have an Apple ID (which is needed to buy apps), then you already have an iCloud account.
This will emit a loud noise at full volume on your lost iPhone to make it easier to locate it if you lost it in your house or car. You’ll be greeted with a handful of apps arranged similarly to how your iPhone home screen looks. This is why you should disable access to Control Center from the lock screen in iOS 7, and you should always have a passcode enabled on your iPhone.
However, there is no need to worry much because we have many Android apps in the market today that helps us in retrieving our lost mobiles. Click on the Find My iPhone icon and you’ll be taken to a full-screen map with dots representing where your various Apple devices are located (including Mac computers, if you have any). The finder has a safe, private and secure service to notify you of the recovery location quickly, and at no cost.

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