Also known as an A-Number or USCIS#, your Alien Registration Number is an 8 or 9 digit number that can be found on your Permanent Resident Card (also known as a green card). If you do not have a green card, you can also find your A-Number on other immigration documents such as Employment Authorization Card (work permit) or an I-797, Notice of Action.
The information provided in this site is not legal advice, but general information on issues commonly encountered in immigration.
A study permit is required for anyone that wants to study in Canada for 6 months or more.  Study permits will only be issued for study at Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs).
Exchange students can change their immigration status from visitor to student without leaving Canada if they decide to extend their studies, but most other students must apply outside of Canada. Citizens of some countries may require a Temporary Resident Visa to be allowed to enter Canada, even if they do not require a study permit. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States of America have the option of applying when they enter Canada (processing is done immediately).
Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides access to a general study permit application instruction guide, along with specific documents and instructions depending on the country that you are applying from. Citizens of some countries are required to provide biometric information (digital photographs and fingerprints) as part of permit and visa applications made outside of Canada.  In such cases, the applicant will need to provide the biometric information at a visa application or biometric collection centre, and should not merely mail their application directly to a visa application centre. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will require you to answer a series of questions to determine your eligibility to apply online as well as the supporting documents you will need to include with your application. As noted above, you may qualify to apply online, but your application is likely to be processed by the Canadian Visa Office serving your country or region of residence. If you prefer the paper application process, you will likely submit your application through a Visa Application Centre (VAC). You must follow the payment instructions for the online application system or the Canadian Visa Office that you are applying to. If your citizenship requires you to have a Temporary Resident Visa, the visa will be issued with your Port of Entry Introduction Letter.
You should not travel to Canada until you have been issued the Port of Entry Introduction Letter and Temporary Resident Visa (if required). A study permit for high (secondary) school studies can only be used for high school studies.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows post-secondary students with valid study permits to change schools or programs without applying for a new study permit. While a new study permit is not required, those who applied for a study permit after June 1, 2014 must notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada of the change in schools. The application, a guide and a checklist of supporting documents are available through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will require you to answer a series of questions to determine your eligibility as well as the supporting documents you will need to include with your application. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) publish an instruction guide that is useful for online and paper applications. If you want to apply online, you must answer a series of questions to determine if you are eligible.  The online system will give you access to any forms you require. Whether you use their GCKey or the Sign-in Partner login, keep a record of your username and password somewhere safe. If you decide to exit at any point, all responses submitted until that point will be saved. Citizenship and Immigration Canada publishes current processing times for temporary residency document applications (this includes Study Permits) through their processing centre. More information on the GCKey and the application process is available from the International Student Advisers or through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada publishes current processing times for temporary residency document applications (this includes study permits) through their processing centre. The application fee can be paid online (if you have a valid credit card), or through a Canadian bank (using a payment form available from our International Student Advisers).
A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a visa that is required by citizens of some countries to come to Canada.
If you successfully apply for a first (initial) study permit through a visa office outside of Canada, a TRV will automatically be issued.
If you already have a study permit but your TRV has expired, or if you do not require a study permit (because you will study for no more than 6 months), please visit our Canadian Visas and Permits page for more information. For general questions about the CIC website, online application system, or an application being processed within Canada. If your question is about a specific application (if not, start with the Help Centre noted above), it is important to provide as much information as possible. Approximate date that the application was submitted, and whether it was submitted online or mailed to a specific office. For specific technical difficulties with the online application system or other aspects of the CIC website.
For case-specific questions about applications being processed at a Canadian visa office outside of Canada. Find the case-specific enquiry link at the page with information about the Canadian Visa Office serving your country or region of residence.
The case-specific enquiry system for applications processed within Canada can be used when processing has taken longer than the currently advertised processing times, or there are important updates to an application. All Florida Tax Collectors who remitted in excess of $20,000 in tax during the previous state fiscal year (July-June) are required to file and pay tax electronically.
Before using this remittance system, Tax Collectors must update their e-Services enrollment profile. The bank name, routing and account numbers on the banking information page will default to the information you provided during your e-Services enrollment. Should you need to change the name of the Tax Collector, please fax a request to the e-Services Unit explaining the reason for the change and include official documentation to support the change. To change the banking or contact information for a single submission, simply clear the applicable fields and enter the new information.

Dealers who electronically file and pay sales and use tax on time are entitled to deduct a collection allowance.
County officers who collect money on behalf of the state are required to deposit the funds directly to the account of the State Treasury no later than seven working days from the close of the week during which the officer received the funds (ss. Provide the name, phone number and e-mail address of the person responsible for submitting the revenue remittance. All Tax Collector remittances must be in the State treasury on the seventh business day following the close of the collection week (generally Monday-Friday). When you have submitted your report and payment, you will receive a confirmation page containing a summary of the tax or fee remitted and the payment information. Call the Department at the number shown on the notice, or call the Returned Items unit at 850-410-4461. Notify the Department that you have already replaced, or will be replacing the payment electronically.
For vehicles equipped with the Battery Management System, this message occurs when the battery’s State of Charge has dropped below a predetermined level. If any of these conditions occur, and the battery charge drops below a certain level, the battery management system informs the driver that the battery may not be able to start the vehicle in extreme cases by illuminating the BATTERY CHARGE LOW or BATT LOW warning message. The battery management system is intended to protect the driver from allowing the battery charge to drop to a point where it cannot start the vehicle.
Where can I find out more about Bluetooth HandsFreeLink (phone compatibility, pairing a phone, etc)? The battery was disconnected from my vehicle and now my radio display is flashing "CODE" and the radio doesn't work. If an audio unit with theft protection is disconnected from electrical power, you must enter a unique code into the unit or it will not work.
There are a number of ways to find out if your vehicle is affected by a campaign (recall, product update, or extended warranty). There are many variables that determine how often an oil change is needed (climate, drive time, highway or city street driving, etc.). Depending on the model year of the vehicle, it is typically between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. For model year 2006 and newer, if a Honda vehicle is approved for towing with all four wheels on the ground, it will be noted in the Owner's Manual for that vehicle.
As described in some owner's manuals, the squealing noise is caused by high-frequency vibration of the brake pads against the rotating brake disc. Normally, the shims and the high-temperature grease between the pads and the brake caliper dampen and isolate most of the vibration. If the squealing noise is abnormally loud, have the brakes inspected and checked for pad wear. Why do my brakes make a single "click" noise when I back out of a parking place and once again when I drive forward?
A clearance between the brake caliper brackets and the ends of the brake pads allows for heat expansion and avoids corrosion between the caliper bracket and the brake pads. On models with a compact anti-lock brake system (ABS) unit, the vehicle's ABS emits a brief grunt or groan when it does a self-check. Why does my brake pedal sometimes feel like it sinks when I'm holding my car stopped at a light? This distortion is called "cross-car distortion." You will notice it when you're watching a vehicle cross in front of your car and also when you're turning left and looking through the right side of the windshield at other vehicles. Some cross-car distortion exists in the windshields of Honda vehicles manufactured since 1994.
Is it normal for my head lights to dim slightly and then come back to normal while my car is stopped at a light?
This is a normal characteristic and is caused by variations in the electrical system created by the onboard computer. While the engine is at idle, the computer monitors the electrical usage of the car and then controls the electrical charging system so that it charges just enough to keep up with demand. Honda vehicles with titles that have been branded as salvaged, scrapped, or dismantled are no longer covered by the new car warranty, with the exception of some emissions warranties and safety recalls. Honda does not recommend modifying the vehicle in any manner, including changing the original tire size or the suspension. The tires that come as original equipment on your vehicle are warranted by their manufacturer and not Honda. For additional warranty information or service assistance, contact the tire manufacturer directly. The Vehicle Identification Number, commonly referred to as the VIN, is a sequence of 17 letters and numbers that is uniquely assigned for each vehicle. Before buying a car, you should first sit in the intended seating position and adjust the seat to the most comfortable position. These fuel additives, up to 10% ethanol and 15% MTBE, are allowed on all Honda and Acura vehicles. For most vehicles, Honda does recommend using snow tires or chains in snowy or icy conditions. The PAX Tire System is the latest in "run-flat" tire technology that, in the event of a tire puncture, allows a driver to remain in control of the vehicle and continue driving for up to 125 miles at speeds up to 50 miles an hour on a deflated tire.
Yes, the recommendation for snow chains on vehicles with PAX tires is located in the owner's manual.
PAX snow tires are currently available for the Honda Odyssey Touring model and the Acura RL Technology package. While tread life is determined by multiple variables that include speed, load, road surface abrasiveness and crown, driving habits and temperatures, PAX System tires should provide tread life comparable to a corresponding Michelin tire. Do warranty repairs have to be completed at the dealership where the car was originally purchased? How do I get the extra accessories (bag with leash and other items) that are included in the Dog Friendly Element Package?

To receive the Dog Friendly Extras portion of your package, including personalized items, you must fill out and send your mail-in order card.
I sent in the fulfillment card from the Element Dog Friendly User's guide but I haven't received the "Extras." What should I do? You should have received an order confirmation email with a FedEx tracking number for your shipment.
Can the Honda Element Dog Friendly Package be applied to Element LX models or to models prior to 2009 model year? The Element Dog Friendly Package was specifically designed for 2009-2010 Honda Element EX models and is not recommended for other trims or model years. Yes, the Dog Friendly Element Package can be installed on 2009 and 2010 Element EX models. If you are not currently a Honda owner or prefer not to register for a Honda Owners Site account, basic warranty information can be accessed by completing a search for "Certified Used Cars" in the search box located in the upper right hand corner of this webpage. Basic warranty information for current model year vehicles can be found on the Owner Resources page.
More information about TRVs is available on the Canadian Permits and Visas page of our site. These are private companies contracted by the Canadian government to provide services to permit and visa applicants, including collecting biometric information, secure delivery of applications and passports, and more. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you must apply for a new study permit to begin your studies at Queen’s.
The next time you access your MyCIC account page and click on the Study Permit application you have in process, you will be brought to the last unanswered question. If the residential address is different from the mailing address, please provide both addresses. The affect on the battery is made worse if the radio, lights, heater fan or other accessories are on at the same time. Not only does it require more energy to start the vehicle in the cold, but the battery just doesn’t work as well. This code and the audio unit's serial number are listed on the anti-theft ID card that comes with the vehicle. You can either call Automobile Customer Service at 1-800-999-1009 (press the appropriate option for Campaign information) or you can access information on any campaign affecting your vehicle through Honda Owners Site. You should refer to the Scheduled Maintenance section in the appropriate owner's manual for specific information. If your vehicle has a timing chain, instead of a timing belt, replacement of the timing chain is not required. To perform a hard reset, hold the home button (below the screen) and the stand-by button (on the top) until the device reboots (ignore the "slide to power off" and wait until the Apple logo appears). You can also access this link through the Honda Owners Site if you have registered a vehicle that has a navigation system. The VIN can usually be found on the driver's side dashboard near or under the bottom portion of the windshield. Refer to your owner's manual for information and recommendations for your specific vehicle. It is recommended that customers contact their local auto parts store to obtain snow chains. It can be found in the Dog Friendly Honda Element User's Information Manual (this is different than your Element Owner's Manual), which came with your new Element. If you have not received your "Dog Friendly Extras" within 3 weeks, please track your shipment through FedEx. The collection allowance may be denied when a taxpayer files an incomplete return, fails to file and pay electronically, or if the required tax return or tax is delinquent at the time of payment.
County tax collectors report and remit sales tax to the Department on a weekly basis, some more frequently.
If this card is lost, you must obtain the audio unit serial number in order to get the radio code.
Refer to the Scheduled Maintenance section of the appropriate owner's manual for specific information.
As with any modification, if a failure occurs on the vehicle that can be attributed to the modification, the warranty on the affected components may be voided. It can also be found in various other places on the vehicle, including the certification label found on the driver's doorjamb. Use of non-PAX tires will disable the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and is not recommended. County tax collectors who electronically file and pay on time are entitled to a collection allowance of 2.5% of the first $1,200 of sales tax due and reported on each return filed.
Once you have the audio unit serial number, you can go to the Radio & Navigation System Micro-site to retrieve your radio code. This identifies where the vehicle was manufactured or assembled and the type of vehicle it is. The 10th digit indicates the model year; letters (except "O" and "Z") were used for vehicles up to the 2000 model year while numbers are used for 2001 and newer vehicles. These windshields meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for glazing materials, and this minor distortion is allowable within the industry specifications for automotive glass. For example, "X" means the 1999 model year, "Y" is the 2000 model year and "1" represents the 2001 model year.

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