How windows 8 product key preloaded windows 8, I have an asus laptop with windows 8 standard installed. How change windows 8 product key complete activation, Windows 8, the official version that will be launching this october 26th, is now available for download if you are a technet or msdn subscriber.. Recovering windows 8 product key bios, The problem windows 8 product keys oem versions windows.
The Windows 8 product key is a sequence of 25 letters and numbers divided into 5 groups of 5 characters each (ex: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) that is used to activate either the 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8 edition that you purchased and installing. OEM PCs that come with Windows 8 or Windows RT preinstalled stores and encrypts the product key in the uEFI or BIOS firmware chip now.
When installing a retail (upgrade) or system builder copy of Windows 8 on a PC, you must enter your product key to continue the installation and automatically activate. This tutorial will show you how to find your Windows 8 product key from within Windows 8, a Windows 8 retail box, or online order confirmation email. A Windows 8 Media Center Pack or Windows 8 Pro Pack product key will not activate Windows 8. A Product Key and Product ID are two completely different things, despite the similarity of the terms. The 25 character Product ID is created during the installation process and is prominently displayed under the Windows activation section at the bottom of the Control Panel (icons view) -> System window.
When you order and download Windows 8 online from either the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, Add Features to Windows 8, or online retailer, you will get a confirmation email that contains your order details and product key. It is highly recommended that you print out this order confirmation email and place it in a safe place to have available for whenever you may need it. NOTE: If you do not see it, then check your spam or junk inbox and filters to see if it may have been blocked.

A Windows 8 retail box contains a welcome card, separate 32-bit and 64-bit setup discs, and a card containing your product key. The reason is, I would like to have WMP installed on 8.1 after I upgrade to the final from the preview, through the store. If you mean the key for the Windows 8 Media Center Pack, then unless you have the email or a print out of the invoice, you may have lost it for good. If you have the proof of purchase for the Windows 8 Media Center Pack, then the Microsoft Store Support Team may be able to help you in recovering the product key for the product that you have purchased. ProductKey, a free utility that does not require any installation, you can simply run it and it will automatically list the product key of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office , and other programs.
The installed Windows operating system, Microsoft Office and many other installed applications will be listed and their corresponding product key as well.
Now the next time you want to format your computer, you don't have to worry about what is your Windows 8 product key. You will have a free 90-day evaluation period before you must change the product key to be able to enter your volume license product key and activate Windows 8 Enterprise. Instead you must install and activate Windows 8 with your Windows 8 product key, then add Media Center back with it's product key.
Open your purchased Windows 8 retail box, and look for the card that contains your Windows 8 product key.
This program will not find the product key of Windows 8 Enterprise since it's a volume license.
If you have not already, download the same 32-bit or 64-bit ZIP version of the free Produkey program as your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8. Go to the NeoSmart site below to download and run the OEMKey.exe file for the Windows OEM Product Key Tool.

I tried going to the MS website, but it didn't show it as a purchase for some reason (or, obviously, list the Product Key). Unfortunately, I had no success in locating such an email (I should have saved but must not have).
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You may already have noticed that Windows 8 laptops and desktops come with a Microsoft Label that does not include anymore the Product Key.
In this article, I will be showing you a small useful utility that you can use to retrieve Windows and other software's Product keys. So all what you have to do first is to identify if you have a 32-bit operating system, or a 64-bit operating system.
Whenever you need to reset or reinstall the same Windows 8 on your OEM PC, the product key will automatically be applied and activated. When it displays the results in your default web browser, scroll down until you see your Windows 8 product key like below.
I will say that I hadn't used it very often, but it was nice to have in case I ever did (and I had used it in the past).

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