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It’s a very cool device, and while thinking about how far cell phones have come, I realized I got my first cell about ten years ago. I couldn’t find a picture of my first phone, but it was a Nokia, shaped like a brick, that looked very similar to the one in this picture.
My next model was the chubby, banana-shaped Nokia 6000-something, very similar to the picture. Cons: It was still too small to carry in my pocket, and its ubiquity meant confusion if you left it on a table at work. This post is getting pretty long, so I’m going to cut it off here, with a plan to continue with Part 2, phones 5-8 tomorrow or sometime.

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The new 3310 looks nothing like the original and as an homage it's too common-looking, or atleast not common-looking enough.
Liu Quanming, 70, can thank his trusty Nokia's battery for saving his life after he was separated from a hiking party on June 20 and got stuck in a Taiwanese ravine for five days, police said.
Nokia Finlands Nokia was founded in 1865, and in the past few decades has been best known for its . Compare prices, tech specs, and reviews for all Nokia cell phones on the T-Mobile blazing fast 4G network.. I was fiddling with my iPhone, listening to music, wondering if it would get a signal if I took it out of Airplane Mode, then paranoid that it might crash the plane. So, to make the time go faster, I cataloged all the phones I’ve owned and what I thought of them. This sleek baby fit in my pocket, which has always been my primary criterion for a phone or pager (remember those?). The battery life was way better, and the unit weighed a fraction of what the Nokia banana model did.
I had it for a while, and as other phones went to color and other sexy features, it got old quickly. About 250 police officers were reportedly sent out to search for Liu, but rescuers eventually triangulated his location from the phone’s signal.

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The battery lasted longer, the phone was small enough to go into a coat pocket, not pants though unfortunately, and the pull-up antenna was gone. You could buy a bigger battery, but that made the phone more of a banana and less portable. I eventually cracked the screen, but that was after a lot of drops, the downside to a small phone.
Listing all these phones is making me feel bad, like I should have kept them longer (and out of a landfill).
So when the encore version was announced, I actually thought of of getting into the bandwagon, like eight years later.
Doctors at Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital declined to comment on his condition, but police said he had suffered superficial scratches. So, I was really stoked to get my very own StarTAC, the first phone I can remember that went by its name in the common parlance.

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